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What Is Instalock And How To Do It In Valorant?

Instalock Valorant
Instalock Valorant

Instalock in Valorant: Riot’s Valorant is a 5 vs. 5 tactical FPS game, where the players select agents and play the game for a minimum of 25 rounds. Before entering the match, they play; players need to select agents whom they prefer to play. Sometimes, the situation occurs when two or three players want to play the same agent.

Some players are very good at one specific agent and they don’t want to lose. To play that, they select their agent very quickly. This is done so that he does not have to play any other agent.

So, as the term quotes Instalock, means locking instantly. Furthermore, players locking their agents as quickly as possible is called Instalocking.

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How To Do Instalock In Valorant?

Often players want to instalock their agent, just because they don’t want to lose it. However, it is most popular when a new agent arrives in the game. So, every other player wants to try the new agent and his abilities.

To instalock an agent in Valorant, one simply needs to lock his agent as soon as possible. For this one needs to have a good PC and internet, to avoid the delay. Otherwise, you will miss your agent.

Valorant is a team game, and we never promote activities like instalocking in the game. Selecting an agent without your team’s choice is not a good idea. Hence, make sure you discuss with your team and play some good games.

Which Agent You Should Pick For Instalocking?

Most of the duelist agents are famous among instalockers. Moreover, you don’t want to lock an agent which is not very good to use at the game. Agents like Jett and Reyna are the most picked agents.

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Instalock In Valorant
Earlier, Omen used to be one of the most picked agents

Also, some players prefer to instalock agents like Yoru and these days Chamber. So, try to pick an agent that is carefree and good to collect a high number of kills. However, if you’re considering starting instalocking agents in Valorant, make sure to collect a high number of kills.

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