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"MoroEsports is an Indian esports startup to deliver top-notch stories, updates, and everything from the world of esports.", that's what Google says when you search it. However, moroesports story is much more than just a few words. It is a journey that we all are living.

Registering a Domain: moroesports Story 1.0

At the end of 2019, Mohit Kumar, an enthusiastic guy passionate about startups and esports, booked a domain on GoDaddy.com. After trying hands-on CyberNaari (a women-oriented website) and badly failing at it, Mohit purchased www.moroesports.com with a few bucks in his account. What next? Nothing just an empty bank account and no idea what would he do with moroesports.com.


At that time, Mohit was serving Sportskeeda (one of the biggest sports startups in India). With a little knowledge of esports, he started working on the domain. As rightly said, starting something new from scratch is not everyone's cup of tea. And, what more miserable can be when you jump into a new thing alone. Results? Nothing, a demotivated mind, and zero thrill to continue.

Passion Never Dies: When Vijay Came into the Picture

After putting his efforts into moroesports.com and getting nothing in return, Mohit shared the idea with Vijay. Who's Vijay? Vijay and Mohit were graduation friends. Currently, Vijay is working in an MNC in Bangalore. After grinding in PUBG Mobile together for months, Mohit thought Vijay is the best guy to introduce his idea.

Vijay was interested in Esports and technical things. Mind you, Vijay was a geek back then in his college days. You would either see him jiggling in Erangel at night, or writing scripts in the computer lab. Perfect! What can be more interesting than this guy? 

From Two We Grew a Team of Three: When Rohan Joined

Mohit and Vijay started working together. Basic things are done - setting up a theme, writing some code, and publishing content. This continued for weeks, then a guy came into the picture - Rohan. Who's Rohan, btw?

Rohan was a guy who had no idea about esports, computers, and how content works. How could someone add Rohan to the startup, then? Haha! The question is obvious. However, the answer isn't. Rohan was a hardworking guy, and, startups don't always demand geeks. Rohan knew how to use Facebook well. He understood Instagram. And, Twitter? Well, we taught him how to tweet.

Rohan was given all control of moroesports.com's social media handles. Within a few weeks, everything changed on social media. Rohan boomed the handles. Remarkable statistics and numbers. The Facebook page of moroesports.com achieved milestones, and Rohan proved that "startups don't always demand geeks."

Highest Active Users on the Website: The Day We All Were Waiting For

highest active users

To resolve the content scarcity, Mohit planned to hire a few writers. After approaching his friends and introducing them to the idea, the hiring process started.

Trending on Google News: First Highest Active Users on the Website

MoroEsports Story 2.0. What can be more surprising to young minds than watching "40 active users" on moroesports.com? This happened on September 17, around a few months after putting in sincere efforts. This is the same day when Mohit never closed his Google Analytics screen for a second. News all over! MoroEsports is trending on a keyword and has more than 2000 new users within a few hours. The moment was captured and everyone was proud of themselves.

February 2021: Collaborating with the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Hamirpur

MoroEsports Story 3.0. Fast forward a few more months, and we have collaborated with India's prestigious institute National Institute of Technology (NIT), Hamirpur. MoroEsports is the Social Media Partner for their annual tech fest NIMBUS. Today, in the year 2021, we are earning and getting paid promotions. MoroEsports is growing with young and powerful brains.

A list of more achievements added to our startup:

  • June 2021: Highest Active Milestone - 247 Active Users
  • September 2021: Got an invite from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) for their biggest sports fest Udghosh, IIT Kanpur.
  • November 2021: Collaboration with VIT Vellore. [LINK]
  • December 2021: Big sponsors deal with mega giants and top names in the industry. [Identity Not Disclosed]

Present: From Nothing to a Team of Young Brains

From nothing to writing our first-ever job posting

After the struggles and achievements, the family has grown big. A few left the team for genuine reasons. Currently, we are a team of 10+ young minds. Here's a brief description of the team members of Team MoroEsports.

Other than these, the highest we achieved at MoroEsports is a team. A team of inspiring people who are passionate and dedicated to their hobby. Kudos to the people who helped us and are a part of this beautiful journey so far.

Together, we all are achieving milestones. And, we are doing what we love.

If you are interested to publish our story or feature us in your publication, feel free to contact us at contact@moroesports.com