Top 5 Valorant Agents: The Best Agents to Play With

In this article, we have made a general list of the best Valorant agents that we think rank at the top after the 2.08 update.

Valorant Top 5 Agents
Valorant Top 5 Agents

The Top 5 Valorant agents can be a very subjective topic. Moreover, Valorant is ever-evolving with new patch updates rolling in frequently. The introduction of new agents with unique abilities makes this game interesting. In this article, we have made a general list of the best Valorant agents that we think rank at the top after the 2.08 update.

Valorant houses many agents that cater to the play styles and strategy of the players. However, there are some fan-favourite agents that everyone can easily use to defeat their opponents. The stronger the agent, the stronger is the offensive and defensive strategies.

Passionate Valorant players have seen the game mature into one of the best tactical shooting games of the decade. With the rise of esports, Valorant has also staked out a position in the competitive arena. This is a very versatile game, therefore, shortlisting the Top 5 Valorant Agents was a hassle.

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Top 5 Valorant Agents: Abilities, Tier, Tactics and more

The Valorant agents mentioned here is only as a variable guideline. Before divulging our picks for the best Valorant agents, let us highlight that this list is subjected to drastic change.

However, at the end of the day, every player is required to grind with their favourite agent, in order to build up coordination. Not to be dramatic, with this list we only aim to be helpful:


  • She is a mobile agent, granting her access to hard reaching spots
  • Dash Ability: helps her dart in and out of cover
  • Jett is a S-tier Agent
  • She can use Cloudburst smokes that obscures vision
  • Moreover, She has a Fast and aggressive gameplay
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  • He has an Unparalleled ability to gather information
  • “Wall-hack” tools: helps him to dismantle a team
  • Sova is a S-tier Agent
  • Scouting arrow and Owl drone: a strong tool that can briefly reveal an enemy’s position
  • Shock Arrow: deals damage upon detonation
  • In addition, He can be used as a scout or a lead while pushing


Pheonix Best Valorant Agents
  • He can deal a lot of damage using his Molotov and Flashbang
  • Reusable fireball ability
  • Firewall ability that can block vision
  • Pheonix is an A-tier Agent
  • However, he can safely gather and initiate information
  • Self-healing ability


  • Gaining map control through unique smokes that can penetrate walls
  • Teleport manoeuvre: helps him to juke enemies and bridge gaps
  • Omen has extremely effective unlimited smokes
  • His ultimate ability enables him to travel anywhere on the map
  • Most importantly, he is an A-tier Agent
  • Paranoia: The best non-ultimate engages
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Brimstone Best Valorant Agents
  • He is a very good defender
  • His smokes can land on pinpointed locations
  • Brimstone is a B-tier Agent
  • He is easy and simple to play with
  • His Molotov can be thrown at a great distance dealing damage to enemies
  • Stim Pack: Gives allies increased fire rate and damage while being in the radius
  • Orbital Strike: Helps to secure an easy kill when the enemy’s position is predetermined

In conclusion, Each Valorant agent has its own overall effectiveness and uniqueness, so choose wisely.

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