Top 5 Best Jett Players In The World

Here is a list of some of the best Jett players in Valorant.

Best Jett Players Valorant
Know who are the best Jett players

Best Jett Players Valorant: Riot’s Valorant has different agents and the Jett is one of the most favorite ones. Moreover, Jett is a duelist and helps players to become the top fragger in Valorant matches. So, if you’re new to Valorant, then you might see a fight going on during the agent selection to pick up Jett.

So, let’s have a look at Jett’s ability and the best players of this agent.

Top 5 Jett Players in Valorant

Best Jett Players Valorant
Tenz during VCT Masters

Jett comes from South Korea and is one of the duelist agents in Valorant. Like other agents, she has three abilities and one ultimate ability. Let’s have a look

Note: The list is based on competitive players

  • Cloud Burst

Jett’s cloud burst is a type of smoke which uses to make cover or block angle. However, the smoke doesn’t last long. However, she has three cloud bursts which make her one of the best entry fraggers of the game.

Jett's ability
Jett’s Cloud burst ability

A Jett player of any team uses them to try to find the best entry possible in Valorant.

  • Updraft

With the help of this ability, Jett can fly high. Furthermore, the ability makes the enemies hard to shot as they dodge the bullet and run away.

  • Dash

Jett’s signature ability is the dash. She can run away quickly into cover by using this ability. Moreover, the best player of Jett uses this ability mostly to use the Operator in Valorant. The operator and dash are some of the best combinations of the game.

Now, let’s move on to the list of best players.

5. SkRossi

Rossi plays for Global esports in the South Asia region. Moreover, Rossi played in the VCC event where he was the MVP of the tournament and helped the team to win the VCC.

Rossi will be playing APAC Last chance qualifiers where the winning team will play in the Valorant Champions. Rossi has been so consistent with his agent and this is why he is one of the best jett players in the world.

4. Shahzam

Best Jett Players Valorant
Shahzam during VCT

Sentinels’ captain Shahzam only plays Jett on Split and sometimes on Ascent. Moreover, the agent is shared with Tenz in the team. But whenever he plays the agent he makes sure the team wins.

Split is the best map for Sentinels and one of the main reasons is Shahz playing Jett on the map.

3. F0rsakeN

Forskaen Valorant
Paper Rex Player Forsaken

Jason Susanto is an Indonesian player who plays for team Paper Rex. Recently, he featured in VCT Masters Berlin where he stunned everyone with his performance.

Forsaken is one of the best Jett player in the world with an average combat score of 272.

2. cNEd

Mehmet Yağız İpek is a Turkinsh player who plays for team Acend in the EMEA region. Moreover, he helped the team to qualify for the VCT Masters. Considered one of the best in the world cNed has an average combat score of 259.

  1. Tenz

Tenz is considered the best Valorant player in the world. Furthermore, he has got some sick aim. Not only on stream, but Tenz has also proven his worth on LAN by winning the first international event VCT Masters in Iceland.

Tenz has a combat score of 253, but his stylish gameplay makes him a better Jett player and a duelist than these stats say.

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