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Assessing the Impact of the Outlaw Gun on Valorant Episode 8 Meta

Assessing the Impact of the Outlaw Gun on Valorant Episode 8's Meta
21.01.2024 | Outlaw gun in Episode 8 this sniper rifle, the first of its kind since the beta (excluding Chamber’s ultimate), has ignited fervent discussions within the gaming community | Credit: Riot Games

Valorant, a game known for its ever-changing meta, has introduced a fresh element with the Outlaw gun in Episode 8. This sniper rifle, the first of its kind since the beta (excluding Chamber’s ultimate), has ignited vigorous discussions within the gaming community. In this analysis, we’ll evaluate whether the Outlaw is truly disrupting the meta and explore how its introduction is influencing gameplay.

The Evolution of Gaming Strategies

Valorant has witnessed the ebb and flow of various metas, from the reign of the Chamber meta in 2022 to the subsequent nerfs that diminished his presence in 2023. The game has consistently evolved with each patch, introducing new elements that shape its dynamics. Now, with the Outlaw gun in play, players are poised to adapt to its distinctive characteristics.

The Outlaw: A Sniper with a Bite

Priced at 2,400 credits, the Outlaw falls within the same range as the Bulldog or Guardian rifles. Its ability to rapidly fire two powerful shots without zooming out of the scope distinguishes it. The standout feature? A formidable 140 damage with a mere body shot. This makes the Outlaw a potent force, challenging existing strategies and prompting players to reassess their approach to specific rounds.

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Impact on Economy Management

Credit: Riot Games

A significant shift caused by the Outlaw is its influence on economic management. The once-prevalent strategy of buying rifles with half armour in anti-eco rounds now carries more risk. The potential for opponents to force the Outlaw even after a round loss raises the stakes. The 140-body shot damage, even against fully shielded opponents, leaves them exposed to follow-up damage from Killjoy turrets, molotovs, or stray bullets.

Fnatic’s Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov, a three-time LAN trophy winner, has labelled the Outlaw as “broken,” predicting a notable shift in the Valorant meta. Anti-eco rounds and pistol buys are no longer as effective, contributing to a potential deceleration in the game’s pace.

Implications for the Valorant Meta

Beyond its impact on economic cycles, the Outlaw is poised to influence the overall meta. Agents with the ability to hit a free shot and escape, such as Chamber and Jett, may experience increased usage. The high damage output of the Outlaw could reinvigorate the viability of their unique abilities.

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Additionally, the presence of the Outlaw may lead to a rise in pick rates for healers and controllers. The double-controller meta could make a comeback, offering versatility and enhanced control over angles. Healers like Skye and Sage might find renewed popularity, with the need to counter the Outlaw’s substantial damage.

With maps like Breeze and Icebox, where sniper weapons excel, in the meta, the Outlaw is expected to become a staple choice. Its price point, falling between the cheaper Marshal and the pricier Operator, gives it a distinct niche in the sniper rifle category.

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Drawbacks of the Outlaw Gun

While the Outlaw brings a new dynamic to Valorant, it is not without its drawbacks. Limited to two bullets before requiring a reload, no-scope accuracy is practically non-existent. The reload time, especially after firing both bullets, is relatively high. The success of the Outlaw is also contingent on holding angles, making it less effective against aggressive opponents with flashes and smokes.

Moreover, its awkward pricing at 2,400 credits places it just below the Vandal and Phantom, the staple rifles of Valorant. Despite these drawbacks, the Outlaw’s strengths seem to outweigh the negatives, positioning it to rapidly find a place in professional play in 2024.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Outlaw gun has sparked a significant shift in Valorant’s meta, challenging established strategies and forcing players to adapt to its unique capabilities. As the community navigates this new landscape, only time will reveal the full extent of the Outlaw’s impact on competitive play.