Valorant New Agent 19: All You Need To Know About It

Valorant teased about their upcoming agent at the Champions 2021 finals. Let's have a look

Valorant New agent 19
The new agent is going to be a radiant

Valorant New Agent 19: Biggest tournament of the calendar year of Valorant has finally come to an end. Moreover, European team Acend won the finals, defeating Gambit esports in a close encounter by 3-2. On the special occasion of finals, the developers followed the tradition to leak a new agent.ย 

Earlier, during the celebration of one year launch of Valorant, they teased Chamber. Furthermore, the agent is now available in-game. Now, it seems that Valorant is considering adding another agent to the roster. So, here are new details about the new agent of Valorant.

Valorant New Agent 19 Details

During the finals, Valorant released a short video. Moreover, the agent had some glimpse of the new one.

After watching the video, one can say that the new agent is going to be female. Furthermore, she is going to be the next Radiant agent after Astra. According to several leaks, agent 19 is from the Philippines. However, the name and abilities are only to be guessed as of now.

As of now, a total of 18 agents are available in Valorant. Chamber being the latest one, the new agent is going to be the 19th agent of Valorant.

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What will be her Abilities?

After breaking her voice lines, we can say that the new agent 19 will introduce lighting abilities in Valorant. Furthermore, she also adds the term “I go fast”, which means she might have an ability similar to Jett.

However, these are all speculations, but her arrival in the gaming looks confirmed.

As per the leaks, the new agent is possibly an Initiator. However, it can also be said that she is not a proper Sentinel, as Valorant launched Chamber as a Sentinel, but we can play aggressively with him. So, the new agent is not going to be completely initiator, but somewhere similar to that.

The release date of this new agent was not announced. Considering the previous situation with Chamber, we can say that, players need to wait at least 2-3 months to get hands-on it. So, the possible release for the new agent 19 is in Valorant patch 4.0.

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