Valorant Agent Chamber Gameplay And Ability: Pros Reaction On Agent

Chamber is going to be the new agent in Valorant, know everything about him here.

Chamber Gameplay And Ability
Know everything about Valorant’s new agent

Valorant released a gameplay video of their new agent Chamber. Chamber is a Sentinel agent which will join Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy in the category but has gunpower abilities which make him different from the rest. Alike all other agents, he has a default ability, one ultimate ability, and two abilities that need to be purchased. So, what’s special, his sniper or the teleport ability?

Know all about Chamber’s ability and his gameplay and how professional players reacted to the video.

Chamber Gameplay And Abilities: What’s Special? 

New Agent Valorant Chamber Gameplay
Chamber is a Sentinel agent

Valorant gave a hint about the agent at the YR1 event celebration where he was holding a big gun. Moreover, not much was revealed at that time and the name was also expected to be Deadeye. Now, Valorant has confirmed the arrival of the agent and his name which is Chamber.

Look wise, the agent is very much similar to a human being who is well dressed which is very rare among Valorant agents. Chamber looks like a gentleman and also uses card-like things in order to make his abilities work.

So, let’s move forward to the Chamber gameplay and abilities.

Valorant New Agent Chamber Abilities

Chamber has a total of four abilities. Considering the fact he is a Sentinel, he is very different from the rest of Sentinels. Chamber gameplay video reveals that he has a teleport ability and a slow down ability which is a trap. Most o the Sentinels agent’s abilities are trap abilities or helping abilities.

Ability-1: Rendezvous

This is basically a teleport ability of Chamber as shown in the gameplay video. Chamber places two cards and then can teleport to the card where it is placed.

The cooldown for the teleportation is around 14s which is very little. However, the teleportation looks clean and better than Yoru’s and Omen’s. It will be interesting to see if his TP makes any sound or not.

Ability-2: Headhunter

This is the gunpower ability of Chamber where he can obtain a sheriff like a pistol in his hand. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see how players use this ability, as it will be very useful in eco rounds.

Ability-3: Trademark

This is the ability that makes this new agent a Sentinel. In the gameplay video, Chamber sets up his card and when any visible enemy gets caught he is slowed down and some smoke-like thing appears on the edges of the screen.

Ultimate: Tour de Force

A very unique ability that was never seen before from any agent in the game. Chamber occupies a sniper which has five bullets. The sniper is a one-shot kill, making the ability similar to Operator. Also, the scope looks cool and is faster when opening or closing.

So, these were all the abilities of the new Valorant agent Chamber based on the gameplay video released by Valorant. Valorant will release an update on 2nd November, and the agent will be available from 16th November.

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