Crafting And Using a Water Bucket in Minecraft

water bucketr minecraft
Water Bucket

The Water Bucket is the OPiest item in Minecraft. This is the statement of the very best players in the world, too. The Water Bucket in Minecraft can save your life at some points that you cannot even imagine.

This item was first introduced in 2010 in the game. It has been here for almost a Dacade. A lot has changed since it came. The uses from the very beginning to today are drastic. Stay with us to know more about the uses and how to craft a Water Bucket in Minecraft.

How to Craft Water Bucket in Minecraft?

The Water Bucket is the most used and the most important item in Minecraft. It is the item that you must make at the very beginning of the game. As soon as you get your hands on Iron. To make a Water Bucket, Just follow these steps:-

Bucket - Minecraft Wiki Guide - IGN
crafting Water Bucket


  1. You must have at least 3 Iron Ingots to make one Water Bucket.
  2. Then Place each iron Ingot on a Crafting table. Make sure to arrange the pieces in a V-Shaped form. You can
  3. see the photo above to understand the crafting.
  4. Your WAter Bucket is ready to use.

Uses of Water Bucket in Minecraft:-

The water bucket has several uses. If you are a Player of Minecraft for a very long time then you will agree with us that the Water Bucket has the capability to change gameplay completely. It is the only item in Minecraft that has Multiple uses at once. So without wasting any more time, here are the uses of a Water bucket-

  • To Make Farms-

This is the very first use of the Water Bucket in Minecraft. The water Bucket can help you to make farms anywhere and anytime you want. Just dig a block of dirt and place water in place of the block. Your Farm is ready to start.

  • Reduce Fall Damage- 

Water Bucket


The Pro players use the water bucket to do MLGs. Yes, it is the perfect thing to do. As the Water Gives you no fall damage if you jump on it, no matter what the height is. Whether you jump from a high place or fall down from there. We won’t judge your skills there. However, in that case. You can use a water Bucket and at the very last moment, you can break the fall using Water.

  • Obsidians:-

Water Bucket

One more advantage of having a water bucket in Minecraft, Obsidians. Obsidian is a rock in Minecraft that enables you to get to the Nether. However, it is very difficult to find them lying around. One way is to find them from Ruined Portals.

However, if you have a Bucket with you. Then you can convert a lava pool into Obsidian lake and get your desired quantity from there. Moreover, you can carry lava in these Water buckets.

There are more uses than written here, and to cover them is really difficult. Because we don’t even know how many are there in reality. But certainly, you get the idea and now you can create your methods of it too.

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