Treasure Structures in Minecraft 1.17

Treasure structures in minecraft
Here are all the details about treasure structures in Minecraft

Minecraft world has many structures where a lot of loot spawns. Sometimes you can find the unexpected in these structures. But these treasure structures in Minecraft are trouble among themselves. And if you don’t have any clue about these structures, don’t worry because we will tell you everything in detail.

Also, if you have discovered some of these structures and explored them on your own, then pay attention to the descriptions that we are about to tell you. There is a high probability that you might have missed something in them:-

1. Underground Structures in Minecraft-

Treasure structures in minecraft
Know about underground treasure structures here

Minecraft is a game of mining, so it is obvious that you will find something by digging. It is also possible that there can be a treasure beneath your feet.

Basically, there are 4 Underground Treasure structures in Minecraft. They are:

  • Mineshafts– These are long tunnels with incomplete rail systems. Their shape is undefined. They have several minecarts with chests. If you are lucky, you can find Diamonds in them too.
  • Buried Treasure- The buried treasure is a chest buried along shores. It is found using a Buried treasure map found from shipwrecks or ocean ruins. It has very good loot. Sometimes it can also give you Heart of the Sea.
  • Strong Holds- They are one of the rarest treasure structures in Minecraft. Strong Holds are Dungeons with incomplete End Portal. It has few treasure chests and a library where players can find decent treasure.
  • Dungeons– These are small chambers with mob spawners and a couple of Treasure chests.

2. Overground-

Overground treasure structures are easy to find yet difficult to conquer. They have decent loots and some of them are really rare. There are 4 structures:

  • Woodland Mansions- Woodland Mansions are one of the rarest treasure structures in Minecraft. As they are filled with OP loot and items. However, the more they are filled with good loot the more they are difficult to gather the loot. Because they have multiple floors with vicious mobs and monsters everywhere.
  • Ruined Portals– These are broken nether portals in the overworld and in the nether too. They have a loot chest and mostly a gold block on them.
  • Desert Temple/Pyramid- Desert temples are easy to come by. They have a chamber with 4 treasure chests. But beware of the pressure plate in the middle. If you step on it, it has a secret TNT room under it. Which will blow up. But you can find a Golden Enchanted Apple there.
  • Jungle Temple- These are hidden temples in the jungle biomes. They have traps in it, dispenser with arrows. If you step on the tripwire, then they will fire at you.

3. Underwater Treasure Structures-

Underwater structures are very hard to find and loot as they are submerged completely in water. But they are the best option to find the best loot in no time. There are 3 structures:

  • Shipwrecks– Shipwrecks are the best way to find resources in a very short time. They have a maximum of three chests in them.
  • Ocean Ruins- Small buildings in the ocean are Ocean ruins. They have treasure chests in them.
  • ocean Monuments- The ocean monuments are large Treasure structures in Minecraft. They have Gold blocks and Sponges in them. Which is one of the rarest items in the game.

4. The Nether Treasure-

The Nether is filled with dangers and OP loot. There are only 2 Treasure structures:

  • Nether Fortress- The Nether Fortress is very rare to find. It has few chests in it which may contain good loot.
  • Bastion Remnant- It is the richest Treasure structure in Minecraft as we talk about Nether. It has a lot of chests and Gold blocks in it. You can even find Netherite scraps or Ingots here.

5. End City Treasure Structures-

End City Treasure
Players find the best loot here

In the whole list that we showed you, they are good for beginner loot and to find some of the rare items. But the End Cities are the treasure structures in Minecraft that give you the best loot. They mainly have 2 structures:

  • End Ships- These are floating ships in the End. They usually have one Treasure chest and 1 Elytra. Sometimes they have brewing stands with few potions on them. The Treasure chest usually contains Enchanted Diamond and Iron Items.
  • End Cities- The End cities are giant cities, sometimes with or without End Ships. They have different buildings connected to each other. They also contain Treasure Chests and sometimes some Ender chests. The loot is almost the same as the End Ships. However, they don’t have The Elytra.

So, here are all the Treasure Structures in Minecraft. We hope that this information will help you and you get a lot of loot from these Structures. If you have more queries or suggestions for future topics, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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