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5 Games that Redefined a Genre



The gaming industry is growing rapidly and it has recorded many changes in the past decades. There are different-different genres according to the gameplay of games. Most studios just follow their genre guidelines. However, some games tried new things and they not only created different genres but also became successful. This isn’t a list of the top five greatest games, this is just a list of top five games that redefined a genre.

5) Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II

Fighting games are the most popular among gamers and their craze never comes down. But no doubt that without street fighter II, we might not get fighting games to today’s level. Because Street Fighter two tried a different approach and they succeeded in it.

Street Fighter II set a massive impact on fighting games that is why its incarnation still defines the fighting genre. We are saying this because currently, most fighting games have adopted many features from SF2. Features like health bar at the top of the screen, best-of-three matches, mix-up mind-games, and super attack.

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Apart from that, SF2 created awesome character designs, beautiful backgrounds, and an interesting story behind the characters.

4) Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved

If you love First Person Shooter games then everyone should thank to Halo series. Halo series’ first game completely redefined console-based shooter games, the second game redefined the multiplayer experience, and the third game comes with community tools and custom games.

One of the most popular feature of the Halo series is multiplayer and Xbox Live matchmaking features are base features for today’s Battle Royal games.

3) Resident Evil 4

Residents Evil 4

The Resident Evil series created its own genre. Resident Evil Four invented a new genre called “survival horror genre”. Games in third-person camera angle revolutionized this genre. 

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Resident Evil’s gained popularity among players because of new game mechanics, memorable enemies, and its diverse weapons. Game delivered a fresh game environment to players. It didn’t just change how we play horror games. It shows how third-llperson shooter games can also give a scary experience to players.

2) Grand Theft Auto 3

Nowadays, open-world games are most popular but the first game which gives us a blueprint for this genre is Grand Theft Auto 3. No doubt every GTA fan has played this game once in their Life. 

Surely, this game does not match the current scenario of open-world games. But GTA 3 is the first game which gives a fully open-world experience to players without taking missions.

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In simple words without GTA 3, many of your favorite games wouldn’t exist.

1) Minecraft

Without Minecraft, this list would be unfair because it not only redefined a genre but also created its own by combining survival, exploration and creative expression. 

Players can see Minecraft’s influence everywhere. Minecraft is the most-watched game on YouTube with 1 Trillion views. And it is inspiring many titles so that they can create games for generations. 

This is not a list of top five games, this list is only for how some Redefined their genre and become successful.

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