A Complete Guide To Creating a World With a Minecraft Seed

Minecraft seeds can be difficult to understand, and here is a simple rundown on how to create a world.

Minecraft Seeds (image via. Minecraft)

Minecraft is a sandbox open world game, which gives the players complete freedom to create their own story. Seeds in Minecraft refer to the worlds that are created in the game. Instead of starting a completely random world, you can use seeds in order to get a premade world with certain key locations. Here is how you can use a Minecraft seed to create your ideal world.

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Minecraft Seed: What are Seeds?

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Seeds refer to the world created in Minecraft. This world is generally denoted by a unique seed number which is assigned to that particular randomly generated world. This feature has been used by many players in order to get worlds that are customized or have certain key locations close to the spawn point.

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Custom seeds are available for players who want to get a good start, be it a good biome or good loot. Getting an idea about the starting position and the location of biomes in a custom seed can be crucial for progressing fast or personalizing your world seamlessly.

How to input the Minecraft Seed?

Minecraft (image via. Minecraft)

Minecraft Seeds are completely unique and players need to input the unique seed number in order to access the world. However, you need to be aware that seeds exist for separate versions, and a Java seed will not work on a Pocket Edition version. Therefore, you need to carefully check your game version along with the seed details in order to have a seamless start.

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In order to input your seed you need to do the following:

  • Open your Minecraft on your device of choice.
  • Click on “Create New World” and then on “More World Options”.
  • Click on Custom Seed, and input the seed that you want to implement in your game.
  • After putting the seed, click on the “Create World” option in order to get the desired world.

Once you load into the game, you can find key locations and locations of interest, by referring to the seed details.

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