Nunca Olvidados Valorant: Price, Release Date And How To Buy

Valorant dropped a new bundle of skin. Know more about it here

Nunca Olvidados Valorant
New Vandal skins in Valorant

Nunca Olvidados Valorant: There is no stopping for Valorant when it comes to releasing a new set of cool skins in the game. The developers released a new bundle of skin in the game which is based on the Halloween holidays. The bundle has the Catrina knife which changes has different colors day and night.

Know everything about the skins here.

Nunca Olvidados Valorant: Everything You Need To Know

Nunca Olvidados Valorant
New set of skins in Valorant

This new set of skin is a themed skin for the upcoming Halloween event. Moreover, the term is a Spanish term that means Day of Dead. The day is celebrated in Mexico and there is a holiday kept on this day.

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After releasing two great and expensive skins Zedd Skins and 11Z RGX Pro, Valorant has finally released an affordable bundle. The Nunca Olvidados is a deluxe tier skin of Valorant and is not much expensive. However, it is not upgradable and players can only select different colors.

The skin is colorful and looks very promising. The price range is also not too much, which means players can consider it buying. If not the whole bundle, the Catrina knife of the set is worth buying as it is one of the coolest skin of the game so far.

Guns And Price

The Nunca Olvidados is a bundled skin that players can buy from the Valorant stores. There is a total of skins available in the set. For the third consecutive time, Operator skin is missing as it was absent in Zedd and 11Z RGX Pro skin too. Moreover, the rest of the skins are cool. Here are the skins available:

  • Vandal
  • Catrina melee
  • Frenzy
  • Ares
  • Bulldog
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The price range is affordable for this deluxe tier set of skins. The entire bundle will cost around 5,100 VP (Valorant Points). However, players can buy the skins individually in case they only want specific skins like Vandal skin or Catrina knife.

Players will also receive a player card withΒ  Mexican Reyna dressed up.

The skin was released on 20th October after the release of patch notes 3.08. The Nunca Olvidados bundle skin replaced 11Z RGX Pro skin in the Valorant store and now it is available to purchase.
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