Valorant New Map to be Introduced in Update 6.01

Valorant new map
05/12/2022 | With the removal of Bind and Breeze, Split will return. But 2 maps out and 1 map in doesn’t make sense. So, will the Valorant new map be introduced? | Credits: Twitter

Valorant is Riot Games’ first-person shooter title that has taken a dominant spot in the esports scene ever in view that it used to be released. The publishers have been working tirelessly to introduce the most positive exams and balances. To enhance the gameplay trip for the complete community.

They have been hinting at the viable launch of a new playable map for Valorant. Which may introduce lacking hyperlinks in the lore of Harbor. And the mysterious origins of the artifact he utilizes. The addition of new and fascinating content material. It has constantly been Riot’s robust swimsuit and followers can assume apt transport in the future.

A well-known Valorant leaker, ValorLeaks. Lately posted on Twitter that a new map is honestly in the works and would possibly launch alongside the launch of Episode 6 Act 1. The small print has now not been revealed. However, some assumptions can be made from the preceding updates.

Valorant Episode 6 May Release a New Map

Valorant introduces a predominant replacement that concludes each Episode after nearly a six-month interval. So, we can assume the subsequent Episode to launch at the commencing of January’s 2nd week. The storytellers at Riot have a special technique of introducing bits and portions of lore alongside the launch of new Agents and maps.

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The upcoming map will reportedly be a part of the long-anticipated and traditional Valorant map Split in the lively map pool. The writer and builders have been tight-lipped about the new map and its important points besides letting any element fall thru the cracks. A truthful assumption can be made that the map is going to serve as a lacking hyperlink that progresses the lore a step similarly and affords followers. With greater records about Harbor’s artifact that can provide him dominion over the water element.

This is now not simply a shot in the dark hoping that it hits the nook of a barn. The cutting-edge foremost replace and Agent launch delivered us some fascinating audio archives of a dialog between Harbor, Killjoy, and Astra. The Indian Agent described an as soon as stunning and thriving metropolis falling into ruins that acted nearly like a conduit for cosmic electricity on Earth.

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City of Flowers

The “City of Flowers” may have been a trace in the direction of the upcoming map and Harbor’s description. The metropolis falling to ruins may want to suggest the kind of surroundings we can anticipate seeing on the new map. A unique participant card exists in Valorant that portrays such surroundings with big plants and temple-like buildings in the background. We can additionally spot the silhouette of a man or woman standing on the card. This factors into the reality that the area is accessible, even though it may be challenging.

Players have been making assumptions and reiterating the description and kind of the map to be alongside the traces of an. Aztec ruins web page with nearly magical vegetation blooming like regular wild flora. However, all the assumptions made in this article can’t be taken as gospel as there have been no legit bulletins about the new map’s characteristics. It is secure to count on that the map will make way for some other piece of the lore to settle in. And set up a stable heritage for several Valorant artifacts.

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So, are you excited about this new map or would you like some more time to settle in the current map pool? Also, do you think the new map will be fit for competitive play? We believe it is the right time to get the map. With Split coming back and the removal of Breeze and Bind. We all need the new map. But, the players might need more time to settle into the reworked Split and also the new map. Because Split won’t be the same as it used to be.

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