How To Unlock Agents In Valorant: Complete Guide

Know how to unlock all the agents in Valorant.

How To Unlock Agents
Astra in Valorant

Unlock Agents In Valorant: Valorant has a total of 17 agents as of no and a new one will be added shortly named Deadeye. Moreover, not all the agents are available since the beta and a few of them were added later in the game. So, here are all the methods mentioned about how to unlock agents like KAYO, Deadeye, and Astra in Valorant.

How To Unlock Agents In Valorant?

How To Unlock Agents
Healer Sage

As mentioned above, not all the agents were available in the game since the beta. Meaning, few of them were added later and players need to unlock them. Also, if you instal the game and start playing, you will only get 5 agents unlocked and you need to unlock the rest.

Agents like Brimstone, Phoneix, Jet, Sage and Sova are unlocked in the initial stages. In order to unlock the rest, players need to complete missions and gain XP points.

There is a term called Agents contract in Valorant, which is one of the methods to unlock the agents. As the name suggests contract, there are rewards available for players in their contract.

Methods To Unlock Agent: KAYO, Deadeye, And Others

There are basically two methods to get hands on a new agent in Valorant. You can pick any of the options according to your game style.

Methods-1: Agent’s Contract

The most used method by players in Valorant to unlock agents is activating his contract. Furthermore, after activation of these contracts, players need to complete their weekly and daily missions in order to gain more and more XP.

The agents are mostly available on the Level 5 of these contracts. Once you cross the level 5 level, you will receive the agent along with other rewards like a gun buddy, player card, and pistol skin. This process is time taking and you need to play a lot of games in order to unlock the agent quickly.

Method-2: Spend Valorant Points

This is a method many streamers and professional players use to unlock new agents in Valorant. After activating the contract, players can spend Valorant points in order to avoid aging XP. By this, they will unlock the agent quickly and no XP is required.

Streamers use this method in order to show the abilities and skills of new agents.

Deadeye Valorant
An upcoming agent?

So, these were the details on how to unlock agents in Valorant. To know more about similar topics, click on the link below.

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