Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skin: Price, Upgrades And Release Date

Valorant has teased with a new skin named RGX 11Z Pro. Know more about it here

Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skin
New Skin in Valorant

Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skin: Valorant has been a hit since its launch, thanks to its game style and unique features. Following the tradition, the game is all set to release its new bundle skin. The new skin is named RGX 11Z Pro and it will be released soon. So, here are all the details about the Valorant RGX 11Z Pro bundle including its price, release date, and unique animations.

Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skin: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant RGX 11Z Pro Skin
Know the cost of the bundle here

Riot’s Valorant releases new skins every 45-55 days. Furthermore, these skins are released in bundles and are completely different from the previous releases. This time the developers have released something unique and are looking great. The previous skins in collaboration with Zedd named Spectrum were also something very different.

RGX 11Z Pro skins will have 5 skins including a Katana melee. Additionally, this will be the first Katan melee in the game. This means, Valorant is listening to its fans and after launching butterfly knives here they are with these new cool Katan knoves. Here is the list of guns:

  • Frenzy
  • Stinger
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Melee (Knife)

For the very first time, there will be five upgrades available instead of four. These new gun skin of Valorant will have kill counters which will show the number of kills you have with these guns. However, the number resets after every match.

Also, the color of the bullet animation changes when you inspect the gun. Meaning, if you shoot a bullet it will deliver a red-colored bullet, after inspection, the color might change to blue.

Price And Upgrades

VAlorant Skin Release Date
First KATANA Melee

The new RGX 11Z Pro bundle skin will have five upgrades. There will be also killed counters on the guns as final upgrades. Furthermore, these skins are available in four different colors of red, blue, orange, and light green.

All these colors possess a LED light with a little transparency. Moreover, this new skin will cost around 8700 for the bundle which is the same as the Zedd skin. Players found the Zedd skins expensive as there was no Operatorat this cost.

Also, the Katana knife of RGX 11Z Pro skin is upgradable. The Level 2 of the knife makes it bigger and gives a unique animation.

Although, the Katana Melee might make this bundle worthy. Also, this time the skins are very much cool in terms of their kill animation and upgrades.

11Z Pro Release Date

The new Valorant skin will be available from 7th October. Players can buy these skins from in-game or from the Valorant store which is the official store website of Valorant.

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