Minecraft Survival House Ideas in February 2022

Minecraft Survival House Ideas in February 2022

Survival house ideas in Minecraft have been popular since the beginning of the era. Players all around the world, especially new players. They struggle a lot while figuring out the design of their house. So, here are the ideas that will help you to figure them out. These can help you in many ways.

5. Starter Survival House:

Minecraft Survival House Ideas
Starter House

The first one on our list is the Starter Survival House. This is a simple design for the players. It is a wooden house with some rooms and a small place to farm. This is best for you if you have just started playing Minecraft. Moreover, this house doesn’t require many resources as compared to others on our list.

4. Mountain Minecraft Survival House Ideas-

This is one of our favorite house ideas. The Mountain house is really easy to build. And Moreover, it provides a different touch to your base. It gives the rich vibes like you are the Batman living in your Cave. 

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Mountain House
Mountain House

Also, it helps you to Build everything inside the mountain. this allows you to protect yourself from Mobs. Moreover, you can build a Mineshaft inside your base and no one will ever notice that.

3. Mansion House:

The next Minecraft Survival House Ideas that we have for you is a Mansion. Since Minecraft is a game that doesn’t limit you anyways. The only limitation is your own imagination itself. So, recently players are seen to be very attracted to the Mansions Builds.

As they feel really accomplished While having their own Mansion. This is really easy to Build. However, the materials required to build this one will be much more than any other on our list.

2. Underground House.

Minecraft Survival House Ideas have another idea for you if you didn’t like the above ones. it is to have an Underground House. Yes, an Underground House. This is really cool to see and helpful too.


As this build is underground. Like the Mountain Base, you will have total privacy to your creation hidden inside. Unlike the Mountain Base that draws too much attention. Other players won’t notice this base until they realize they are standing on top of it.

1. Water Base.

Are you a fisherman? Because Minecraft Survival House Ideas have yet another one for you. This is a water base. Imagine yourself standing on a water base of your own. This is yet another cool build idea that you can use.

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Moreover, you can Mold the base design by yourself. You can have an underwater base too. With a glass wall to explore the ocean. As we said, the only thing limiting you is your own Imagination.

So, there you have all the Minecraft Survival House Ideas. You can try these and let us know in the comments if you enjoyed them. And if you want more content like this, please follow us.

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