What is a Bad Omen in Minecraft?

What is a Bad Omen in Minecraft?
06/12/2022/ | What is a Bad Omen in Minecraft? | Credit: Mojang

Minecraft Bad Omen Guide: Do you believe in bad omens like black cats bring bad luck or anything else? Even if you don’t believe things like this in the real world but it’s a real plot of Minecraft. There may be changes you may see something like that or maybe not but we are here to help you with everything regarding Minecraft. In this blog post, you will read the detailed guide about Bad Omens in Minecraft like identifying them and getting rid of it.

What is Bad Omen in Minecraft?

To understand Bad Omen, you need to learn about illegals. Illagers are hostile mobs in Minecraft and they were first introducing in the Villagers and Pillagers update. New players should know that villagers are not part of the game from start, they come in Minecraft after many updates. Hence, with Villagers the Illagers and Bad Omens come into the game.

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So, the point is when you kill a villager or their caption the Bad Omen cause harm to the nearest village. If you are in a hurry then here is a quick tip to remove the bad omen – drink milk. Yes, that’s all need to remove this curse in Minecraft. But if you are wanting to know more about Minecraft Bad Omen then keep reading this blog till the end because there is more than milk in Bad Omens.

What is a Bad Omen in Minecraft?
06/12/2022/ | Illagers Captain in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang

What is the Cause of Bad Omens?

The best way to counter bad omens is to stop them before evening happens. Well, to stop it you need to know why it cause – Bad Omen cause when you kill a captain of villagers or a patrolling captain. So how you can identify the captain of the villagers they all look the same. Well, the one who holds the banner on his shoulder (or head) is the captain of the villagers.

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In addition, the best takeaway is to don’t kill the captain of the villagers to save yourself from Minecraft Bad Omen but if you do then what will happen? The villagers will start attacking your village and there are six different levels of raids. The duration of the raid is 1 hour and 40 minutes depending upon the level of a raid by managers, or you can check from the timer which is available in inventory.

What is a Bad Omen in Minecraft?
06/12/2022/ | Villagers vs Illagers Fight in Minecraft | Credit: Mojang

To Sum Things Up

The bad omen is caused by killing a villager captain, the killer can be you or your pets like a wolf. So, the best thing is to keep their distance from managers or their captains. Then the second most important thing is to drink a bucket of milk (any milk will work including – Cow, Goat, and Mushroom). Finally, if even a raid happens because of you then make sure to protect the village because the village is important for miners (including you).

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That’s all you need to know about the Bad Omen in Minecraft, we hope you like this blog post. If you want to read more on Minecraft then check out our Minecraft section where you get the latest update, news, and many tutorials on Minecraft.

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