5 Things to Build in Minecraft 100 Days: Don’t Forget These

5 things to build in Minecraft
Minecraft 100 days

If you are a real Minecraft Fan, then you really know the vibe of playing Minecraft 100 days. And if you don’t, then you certainly are missing something. There are a lot of mods that are available for the Minecraft 100 Challenge. However, it doesn’t matter that which one you use. Just don’t forget these things to build in Minecraft 100 days.

What is Minecraft 100 days Challenge

For those who don’t know about Minecraft 100 days. It is basically a challenge that players do all around the world in Minecraft. They perform various things in this challenge. Some of which are dependent on the mod they are using. Mod or no-mod, This challenge is really fun for the Minecraft players. There are a lot of things to build in the Minecraft 100 day challenge.

Tasks that the players perform in this challenge are:-

  1. Spawning in a brand new world.
  2. Choosing the theme of the world.
  3. Make certain farms for multiple items.
  4. Make a nice base.
  5. Kill the Ender Dragon.

All these tasks and some more like getting Netherite armor, etc. So this is Minecraft 100 days challenge.

5 Things to Build in Minecraft 100 Days:

5. Semi-Automatic Food Farm:-

When you just enter the Minecraft 100 days challenge then this is the first thing to build. No matter what your world type is. You must have this farm so that you don’t starve to hunger. This farm has the capability to provide food for your whole challenge. You can make this farm by following this tutorial.

4. Automatic Sugarcane Farm-

A sugar cane farm is one of the 5 things to build in Minecraft 100 days. Sugarcanes are really important in Minecraft. Either you have to brew potions or craft rockets. They are very important. So remember to make one at the very beginning of your 100 days.

They are also helpful to trade with Villagers in Minecraft. With that, We come to our #3 Build.

3. Villager Trading Hall:

As soon as you find a village in Minecraft, you must build a village of your own. But more important than that is to have a trading hall. A trading hall is one of the 5 things to build in Minecraft 100 days. The benefit of having a trading hall is that you have specific villagers for specific trades in one place.

2. XP Farm:

No matter how many trades you do with the villagers and get the best enchantments. Until you have enough XP to get those enchants, your efforts are worthless. You need those experience levels to get those enchants. This build not only gives you XP. Moreover, this gives you bones, arrows, Bows, and much more.

1. Cool Base:

One of the last things to build in the Minecraft 100 days challenge is a cool base. A cool base is the topmost priority for you. This thing alone decides your whole journey till the last 100th day. There are plenty of ideas for your base. it can be related to your surrounding or completely different. It is totally on you.

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