5 Best Ways to Get Extremely Fast XP in Minecraft 1.19

5 Best Ways to Get Extremely Fast XP in Minecraft 1.19
5 Best Ways to Get Extremely Fast XP in Minecraft 1.19

XP in Minecraft is the experience that the player gains while playing the game. To gain XP the player has to do certain types of activities, such as killing mobs, mining, etc. XP is very important for a player in a Minecraft game. The reason behind this is the equipment of the player gains its efficiency when they get enchanted. The thing is, to pursue the process of enchantment some amount of XP is required. So If you want to know more about the best ways you can also increase your XP faster. Then you should read the blog post until the end.

5 Best Ways to Get Extremely Fast XP in Minecraft 1.19

Killing of Mobs

The first way that would be handy to the players is the killing of mobs. In the Minecraft game, the spawning of mobs can take so much time. If one has to find a mob then they have to roam around, which is also time-consuming.

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To prevent yourself from wasting your precious time you have to find a spawner in the game. In both the editions of Minecraft, those spawners are present. The appearance of the spawner is like a cage. It would be easy for you to build an automatic mob killing farm. It will prevent you from wasting your time by killing each mob one by one.


The second way to increase the experience (XP) is mining. An individual should go for cave mining because it will provide players with different types of ores. Some of these ores are Redstone, Iron ore, gold, diamond, etc. When these are collected then they can provide the XP to the players. 

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Killing the Final Boss

Most of you guys might know “who the final boss is”. Yes, it is the ender dragon that comes in the game at the end. When you would be able to kill the ender dragon for the first time then you would get a pack of 12000 XP. In the game, the ender dragon can be respawned by the players. If you kill the dragon again for the second time, you will get a pack of 5000 XP.

Experience from Animals

For a newbie Minecraft player, the best way to get the experience faster is to kill the animals. These animals can be a pig, sheep, Cow, etc. To increase the number of animals one has to create an animal farm that can be done by breeding. In this process, the Breeding, killing, and cooking of animals can provide you with the experience (XP) in this game.

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Roaming at Night

Another best way to get experience (XP) is to roam around the world at night. The reason to roam around is to find the creatures. Because at night the mobs spawn more than during the day. One can get more XP by killing them all.

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