Brawlhalla X The Walking Dead: New Crossovers

Brawlhalla X The Walking Dead Part 2 is finally here! Find out about the two new crossovers that Brawlhalla is going to add within the game very soon.

brawlhalla x the walking dead

Brawlhalla X The Walking Dead: Brawlhalla is going to make another collaboration with The Walking Dead very soon. However, this time BMG is going to bring us 2 more legends to play with. To know more about these legends, their release date, and more keep reading till the end.

Brawlhalla X The Walking Dead: History Repeats

Brawlhalla has done a crossover with The Walking Dead before as well. Before this, they brought us Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and Michonne Hawthorne. They were crossovers from Barraza, Ember, and Koji from Brawlhalla legends. And now we’re going to see two more legends release. Let’s talk about the new legends a bit.

And updating this, the Brawlhalla Servers will be down as of 22nd September (now) bringing the crossovers in the game.

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Brawlhalla Brings Negan and Maggie From The Walking Dead!

Maggie Greene in Brawlhalla
Maggie Greene in Brawlhalla

Negan Smith and Maggie Greene are both characters from AMC’s Walking Dead series. Negan Smith being the former antagonist and Maggie Greene is another one of the main characters. In their tweet Brawlhalla says the following:

Brawlhalla posted this on their official Twitter account on 14th September 2021, while the official release date for the collab will be different.

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Negan Smith and Maggie in Brawlhalla:

Negan Smith in Brawlhalla
Negan Smith in Brawlhalla

Both of these characters will be coming to Brawlhalla on their release date. Negan will be a crossover to Jaeyun with the Sword and Greatsword as weapons. Although,  Negan will have a Crowbar and a Baseball Bat as his weapons.

Meanwhile, Maggie will have a huge Machete and a Sign Board for her Sword and Hammer respectively. Before this, Brawlhalla also introduced Octavius Mordex and Soulbound Diana to reinforce their lore in the Battle Pass Season 4.

Brawlhalla X The Walking Dead Part 2: Release Date

So, the release date for Brawlhalla’s collaboration with the Walking Dead will be on September 22nd. And if you’ve watched the trailer for them you can also expect the Brawl of the Week to be related to zombies which we saw before.

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The same goes for Maggie and Negan whom you’ll see on the 22nd of September. Brace yourself for these amazing new crossovers and collaboration with Brawlhalla. For more such updates, crossovers, new legend covers, news and latest news you can follow us here.

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