What Are All The Active Input in Brawlhalla?

What are all the active inputs in Brawlhalla? Mentioned all of them at the end.

what are all the active input in brawlhalla
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All the Brawlhalla fans, that have played the game for a long while know what the meaning of an active input in Brawlhalla is. There are a few characters and weapons that have active input on them. So let’s find out more about what are all the active inputs in Brawlhalla.

What is The Meaning of Active Input in Brawlhalla?

Active Input is usually when you can change the input of your attack to throw your opponent in the opposite direction than intended. This means that, after your attack starts if you press a specific directional or any other key then the direction your opponent is thrown in changes. You can alter the damage, force, direction of force, and follow-up potential of the last strike by entering a new direction before the second hit of these attacks. The second directional input can be entered just after the first.

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When you utilise a signature or an attack on your opponent, there is a brief delay before the frames are truly finished thanks to the Active Input. The Brawlhalla mechanics can be changed here. You’ll need to press the directional key you want to send your opponent in during this brief window. You can also take a look at the fan-made list of active inputs to add to other weapons in-game:

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What Are All The Active Inputs in Brawlhalla?

The characters that have active input features in their signatures are Fait, Mako, Mordex, Petra, and Volkov. There is only one weapon in the game so far that has the active input – Scythe. Although, the players that are great with using Scythe also know a lot of the active inputs. So basically all characters that can play Scythe will have light attacks with active inputs. You can also understand Reversal Signatures like this.

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All Signatures with Active Inputs:

Fait Side Signature on Orb: You can send your opponent either sideways, downward or even upward if you want. (down variant is great for edge-guarding or a faster gimp).

Mako Neutral Signature on Katars: Send your opponents in either the front or back after grabbing them. Great to use off-stage.

Mordex Down Signature on Scythe and Gauntlets: Both signatures work in a similar fashion.

Petra Side Signature on Gauntlets: Petra’s side signature launches the opponent in either upward or front according to the input.

Scythe Active Inputs:

Scythe Neutral Air, Down Air, Neutral Light and Down Light all have active inputs on them. They will launch your opponents in either the same direction or other depending on your input.

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And those are all the attacks that have the active input in Brawlhalla.

You can also take a look at a detailed explanation on the same below:

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