Mordex in Brawlhalla: The Mystery of Octavius Mordex

Who actually is Octavius Mordex in Brawlhalla? Why is he is in the Battle Pass Season 4? Find an answer to all your questions below.

octavius mordex in brawlhalla
Octavius Mordex Progression Skin

Mordex in Brawhalla:Β Octavius Mordex a part of the Brawlhalla characters is a very known character for his overall stats and signatures. His stats and signatures are next to none. Although, he has a story behind him that made Brawlhalla release his Octavius Mordex version.

Who is Octavius Mordex in Brawlhalla?

Octavius Mordex is actually the human form of Mordex himself. And if you think we’re completely insane for calling him a human, maybe you should check out his lore. According to the lore, Octavius Mordex belongs to the Order of the Exalted Lion.

What’s more? He was the Quartermaster of the Order of the Exalted Lion. Apparently, he wanted to become a werewolf intentionally. But it was hard to become one without the werewolf also eating you alive.

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How is Octavius Mordex Related to Soulbound Diana?

mordex in brawlhalla

From the beginning, Octavius Mordex never had an intention to actually help the Order according to Brawlhalla. He was rather there to obtain the unimaginable powers that were to come. It all began when he was ordered to take down the plague of werewolves and frost giants since he was the Master Hunter of the Order.

By destroying the Wraith of Darkmoor, he also got the fiend’s great Scythe Cull. Furthermore, in the lore, you can find that Diana wasn’t that fond of Mordex either. He returned after facing an unholy ice storm back on his way (giving his signatures an icy look). He still wanted the Geminius Virens, another cursed artifact from the Order itself.

This is where Diana comes in to stop him. But she was unsuccessful in stopping him, enabling Mordex his prize. This is also where the concept of Soulbound Diana and Octavius Mordex comes from.

Mordex Stats and Signatures in Brawlhalla:

Mordex has some of the best stats in Brawlhalla. Also, considering Sandstorm, Atrophius, Pavelski and many more Esports players use the legend.


  • Strength: 6
  • Dexterity: 4
  • Defense: 5
  • Speed: 7



  • Neutral Signature: A controllable signature that has a backward movement as you hold it(like most down signatures from characters).
  • Down Signature: An Active Input Signature that you can use for throwing your opponent in the direction you intend.
  • Side Signature: Is similar to the neutral signature, but not controllable


  • Down Signature: Another Active Input Signature, that allows you to throw your opponents in left/right directions.
  • Side Signatures: Has a lot of active frames that can cover a huge area.
  • Neutral Signature: An upward signature that covers upward dodges and has a lingering effect.

Some of his most used skins in Brawlhalla are the Fenrir Mordex (With the Iron Jaw), Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda Cross-over), and Octavius Mordex (A progression skin with his human form as the beginning). You can obtain the skin by getting the Battle Pass Season 4 for yourself.

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