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Reversal Signature Brawlhalla: How to Do the Quest?

What are Reversal Signatures in Brawlhalla? Find out how you can use reverse signatures in Brawlhalla from us. Also comment down below if you think we've missed any signature.

soulbound diana brawlhalla
Soulbound Diana Brawlhalla

Reversal Signature Brawlhalla: With the new release of Brawlhalla update recently we also have some Battle Pass 4 Missions. These weekly Battle Pass Missions are quite tricky if you’ve not played Brawlhalla before. There is a certain mission to do a ‘reversal signature‘ in Brawlhalla. You will have to use a reverse signature to throw your opponents off-stage and KO them from characters like Diana in Brawlhalla.

Unfortunately, a lot of players are unaware of how to do it. Even if you are new you can actually be confused about this a lot. So let’s dive into how you can actually do the Battle Pass Mission.

What is a Reversal Signature in Brawlhalla?

reversal signature brawlhalla

Although, there are very few legends that can actually do this. Basically, a Reversal Signature sends your opponent flying in the direction they’re traveling in. For instance, if your opponent is on your left your signature should throw them on your right and KO them from the move.

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This can sound really tricky but it’s actually not that tricky. The legends you can use for this mission are Bodvar, Diana, Hatori, Kaya, Mako, Mordex, Scarlet, Teros, Xull, and Yumiko, But that’s not all. We’ll tell you the exact reversal signatures you’ll need for this quest in Brawlhalla.

How do you think our Top 5 Legends in Brawlhalla look like?

Legends and Their Signatures Required for the Quest:

Here is the list of Legends and their weapons (with signatures that will work for the mission):

  • Bodvar – Hammer: Down Signature
  • Diana – Bow and Blasters: Down Signature
  • Hatori – Sword: Side Signature
  • Kaya – Spear: Side Signature
  • Mako – Katars: Down Signature
  • Mordex – Scythe: Down Signature (Use Active Input to send your opponent in the other direction.)
  • Scarlet – Hammer: Down Signature
  • Teros – Hammer: Neutral Signature
  • Xull – Axe: Side Signature
  • Yumiko – Hammer: Side Signature

(Thanks for all the awesome inputs from the community to make it helpful for everyone!)

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If you know about any signatures that can actually work for this quest in specific let everyone know in the comments section down below. But for now, you can use the reversal signature we mentioned to complete the quest of Battle Pass 4 in Brawlhalla.

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How to Complete the Quest to Reverse Signature your Opponents Off the Stage?

In order to reverse signature your opponents, you’ll have to be really precise about your positioning and timing of the signature during a game of Brawlhalla. Although, it is quite easy to do the signature it’s not quite easy to pull it off against a real player. This is because they can easily dodge out of your Down signature and punish you quickly for it.

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For this quest, when your opponent’s health is low start hovering around the sides of the stage. When they’re near or off stage use gravity cancel down signature to KO them. Be sure to catch them off the guard with the signature or else it won’t work. This is all for the quest. You can follow us for more Brawlhalla updates, the latest news, and much more.