BGMI Redeem Codes For April 2024 – Collect Crate Coupons, Gun Skins, And More Rewards!

BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024
BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024 to add on attractive rewards, save your UC, and conquer the matches. | Credit: BGMI.

Battleground Mobile India is the most popular mobile Battle Royale game among the youth because of its engaging gameplay powerful graphics, and dynamic in-game modes. This was launched in India after the ban of PUBG Mobile which same format-based game. BGMI Involves exciting game items that help players in the Battleground to be their enemies and conquer the matches. There are various themes and based on them there are several elements introduced in the game such as weapon skins, crates, character outfits, and many more.ย 

To add on hidden power-rich rewards players need to participate in various events, another option they can use their in-game currency such as UC (Unkown Cash), which players can purchase by paying off the original money. Players can get these rewards just for free as there are certain ways to get them and the most known way are Rdeem Codes. Every day or monthly basis from the side of BGMI these are launched on the official platforms to collect and grab exclusive rewards.

Below we put the BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024 and today also which players can use to store the exciting elements. The steps are mentioned to apply these codes to utilize the rewards during matches. The reason why redeem codes are not working and more.

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BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024 – Active

Redeem codes separate the path to get access to the in-game items without spending your UC. It provides a free way to collect the rewards for the intense and immersing gameplay in the BGMI. This most popular alternative rewards gathering roots, came into existence to save players money and not level down due to lack of diamonds. This also helps BGMI stay connected with their daily users and provides them with these special codes.ย 

BGMI redeem codes: 12-character which consists of capital letters and numbers that players can pull off the BGMI official platforms. As these are available for 24 hours and after that, they will expire so keep that in mind. But here are some redeem codes that are available for a month and are activated for the players. Some codes expired which players cannot use after that, and other reasons also that stop them from getting rewards.

Here are the BGMI redeem codes April 2024 that have been active to collect the exciting in-game items from the buying store:

  • R89FPLM9S
  • 5FG10D33
  • SD14G84FCC

How to Use BGMI Redeem Codes

By following some easy steps players know the way to redeem BGMI codes to collect the awesome surprise rewards in the items list in the game. So,ย doing step by step to use the free items codes.

  • Go to the official BGMI website ( Battleground Mobile India) on your devices.
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BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024
BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024 to add on attractive rewards, save your UC, and conquer the matches. | Credit: BGMI.
  • Enter the Character ID in the given space.
  • On the displayed text box enter the Redeem Code and click the button.
  • The last tab on the โ€˜okโ€™ button and your reward will be displayed in your account later.

Ways to Get BGMI Redeem Codes April 2024

  • The first source to get free access to the interesting in-game rewards is Official social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter). These are the platforms that provide frequent redeem codes daily for the players to follow them.
  • Other than this BGMI continuously launches events in which they provide redeem codes that players can utilize to be victories over the opponents. These events are time-based and available for a limited duration for the players.

Why Redeem Codes Not Working

Some common reasons do not allow players to Redeem BGMI codes on the official site. The first one is the expiry date, In some cases did developer does not publish the redemption code expiration date, which doesnโ€™t let the players use it. In some cases, players tested the half or the not correct redeem code which will lead them to not getting the rewards. Other than this developer released some redeem codes only used for a single account and also region-based codes.


Wrap up! BGMI is a popular Indian mobile game which is released a few years ago with great graphics and intense gameplay. This game involves exciting rewards and exclusive items that players can grab during the ongoing event and by paying your in-game currency. The most renowned and real money pay-off currency is Unknown cash (UC), From which players can purchase in-game items.ย 

To save your UC Players can collect the BGMI redeem codes April 2024 daily or monthly through the mobile game’s official website and more you grab by social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, and others. Players can directly add on rewards by participating in the several events run by the BGMI.ย 

The mentioned BGMI redeem codes for April 2024 are active for the whole month to engage in different in-game modes matches such as gun skins, crates, exciting outfits, and many more. So, use all the given redemption codes and win the challenges.ย