Velocity Gaming Dominates BGMS Season 2 Week 2 Day 3

BGMS Season 2
17/08/2023 | Recapping BGMS Season 2 League Week 2 Day 3 | Credits: Nodwin Gaming

The ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 League Week 2 Day 3 witnessed remarkable comebacks by several teams. Velocity Gaming, Team Insane, and Gladiators Esports stood out as the dominant forces during this eventful day.

Velocity Gaming clinched the top spot, securing over 100 points and standing out as the only team to achieve this feat during the week. Team Insane secured the second position with an impressive 87 points. Gladiators Esports showcased a strong performance on Day 3, securing 70 points and positioning themselves well in the rankings.

Numen Gaming made a striking comeback with a chicken dinner, earning them the fourth spot with a total of 58 points. Entity Gaming also demonstrated its skill and strategy, securing fifth place with 58 points.

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At the end of Day 3, following intense battles, Marcos Gaming’s Harsh “Spraygod” Malik, Gladiators Esports’ Justin “Justin” Nadar, and Team Insane’s “Harsh” each claimed the first, second, and third spots, all with an impressive tally of 47 kills.

BGMS Season 2 League Week 2 Day 3 Highlights

The eventful Day 3 showcased a series of engaging matches and dramatic turnarounds:

Match 1: Erangel (A vs B)

Velocity Gaming maintained their dominance, securing a commanding 25-point chicken dinner. OneBlade showcased a strong comeback, gathering 23 crucial points. Numen Gaming displayed exceptional teamwork, earning them 17 points. Enigma Gaming also put on a solid performance, garnering 14 points.

Match 2: Sanhok (A vs B)

Numen Gaming continued its momentum, clinching another important chicken dinner and 23 total points. WSB Gaming fought valiantly, earning them an impressive 23 points. Team Soul staged a comeback, securing 16 points. Team Insane and Gladiator Esports secured 15 points each for their efforts. Insane strategically used a powerplay, earning 8 points in the first zone by defeating Team Godlike in a drop clash.

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Match 3: Miramar (B vs C)

Lucknow Giants emerged victorious with an essential chicken dinner, earning them 23 total points and a significant rise in the rankings. WSB Gaming carried their momentum from Sanhok, again securing 23 points. Gods Reign put up a strong performance, accumulating 20 points. Team 8Bit secured 17 points with exceptional gameplay. Blind Esports, Marcos Gaming, and Chemin Esports each secured 7 points.

The BGMS Season 2 League Week 2 Day 3 showcased fierce competition, unexpected comebacks, and outstanding performances. Fans can anticipate more thrilling battles as the tournament continues to unfold.

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