BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R Collaboration: Announcement Date, Features, and More!  

BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R
BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R partnership is announced which brings exciting new features to speed up the gaming experience. | Credit: BGMI.

Wow! There is another amazing collaboration in Battleground Mobile India, with the start of the year many collaborations taking place in the game. The most known and first-time collaborations with any luxury car company are BGMI and Bentley. This collaboration brings an exciting four-wheeler with an amazing stylist look to increase your in-game experience and help in the battleground. Most probably this is the first and the last collaboration maybe with any luxury car company shown in the popular Battle Royale mobile game. 

Now it’s time for another collaboration to bring exclusive in-game vehicles, BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R partnership. Hero launches the Xtreme 125R with vibrant colors and powerful features that help BGMI players get a powerful experience in the challenges. In this article, we discuss all the information about the collaboration like features, available vehicles, and others.

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BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R Partnership: Announcement Date

BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R collab Announcement is done via social media post on the official BGMI account on 05 April 2024. The post reflects that there is be presence of the Hero Bike’s latest model is going to see in the game and players can pick them in different in-game challenges. These vehicles most probably are present in three shades such as Firestorm Red, Cobalt Blue, And Stallion Black. All three motorbikes give the coolest look to the players with amazing speed to level up the game.

Alongside this, it is interesting to experience a new two-wheeler in the BGMI, as they provide some help also to the players in the game to beat the opponents and get the victory. Choose the best out of all to make your in-game look more style and enjoy the new partnership.


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Hero Xtreme 125R Features in BGMI

The motorbikes are available in a variety of colors and have to contain exclusive features and dynamic speed to increase the player’s level in BGMI. In the list of Hero Xtreme 125R Features included in the game are great acceleration and wide rare tyre, which help players to speed up the game and conquer the matches. On bikes, you will find the full LED setup, which makes it more and more parky. Get ready to challenge the extreme in the battlegrounds so, team up for an adrenaline-fueled BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R partnership.

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BGMI and Hero Xtreme 125R together, there is a new collaboration that brings up the world of the most popular game in India. The partnership brings exciting new features such as powerful acceleration, full LED setup, and wide tyre. This announcement is done by social media and the post includes the Hero Xtreme 125R. As see the all this year collaboration this is the latest one that comes up the two-wheel vehicles in the game. For players, it is exciting and thrilling to explore new experiences and enjoy features. Stay connected with us to get all the latest updates about the BGMI and more mobile games.

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