BGMI Ignis X Suit is Available Now! How to Get, Last Date Check Here

BGMI Ignis X Suit
BGMI Ignis X Suit is launched in the game and other exclusive rewards, like AWM skin, character costumes, more. | Credit: BGMI

With the BGMI 3.1 update, there is a launching of the events in this list the new event came up with the new X Suit. Ignis X Suit looks like a fire which adds on fresh and exciting experience to the game. Already Arabian Night theme has been introduced in the updated version of the Battle Royale mobile game. In the latest release, the new X Suit includes features and rewards based on this particular theme. So, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the dynamic outfit and its exclusive rewards. 

Battleground Mobile India continuously releases the event and provides players the opportunity to grab enticing rewards and other elements to boost up the game. The latest event also has a new launch and in this article know how to get Ignis X Suit, release date, and other information.

BGMI X Ignis Suit Event: Last Date

BGMI Ignis X Suit is available on the game for the players with the event on 5 April 2024 it’s released and the last date to use this outfit to level up your game is 1 June. This X Suit event is offering several rewards such as Ignis X Suit, upgradable AMR skin, helmet skins, Mythic outfits, attachments, and many others.  Players get all the rewards by participating in the event which ended in two months and the Ignis X Suit includes powers looks & styles present in both male and female both category. 

Here is the list of the rewards that the BGMI X Suit Event contains:

  • Ignis X-Suit (level 1): 1000 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Ignis Backpack skin: 200 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Ignis Helmet: 200 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Scorching Blessing AMR skin (level 1): 500 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Suave Royal Cover: 250 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Suave Royal Set: 500 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 50 Sacred Flame Tokens: Scorching Blessing Molotov skin.
  • 50 Sacred Flame Tokens: Scorching Blessing Grenade skin.
  • Starforge Stone:  80 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Star Fragment: 10 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Flaming Roar Emote: 200 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Feline Fighter Cover: 250 Sacred Flame Tokens
  • Feline Fighter Set: 500 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Rosy Secret Pan skin: 150 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Red Dot Sight: 50 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 2x Scope skin: 50 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 3x Scope skin: 50 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 4x Scope skin: 100 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 6x Scope skin: 125 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • 8x Scope skin: 150 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Domino Wings Glider: 450 Sacred Flame Tokens
  • Blazing Soul: 200 Sacred Flame Tokens.
  • Holographic Sight: 50 Sacred Flame Tokens.
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Must Get Rewards in the event

  • 200 draws – 1x Starforge Stone.
  • 120 draws – 1x Material.
  • 80 draws – 3x Modification Material Pieces.
  • 40 draws – Star Fragment.
  • 20 draws – 1x Modification Material Piece.

How to Get BGMI Ignis X Suit 

Players can grab the BGMI Ignis X Suit and other event rewards by participating in the X Suit draw. Another way to get it is by redeeming rewards with the Sacred Flame Token. These tokens can also be used to collect character outfits and weapon skins from the X Suit event store in the game. Ignis X Suit, just by spending 10 UC users get a chance to draw and add on new items. 


Sum up! The BGMI Ignis X Suit event is live from 05 April on your available devices in which players can collect various exciting in-game rewards and help to level up the game. The rewards list is so long and that includes attachments, weapon skins, Mythic Outfit, and many more. This event ended on the first of June of this year. Players can collect items by drawing in the events and participating in them. So, go and spend UC and enjoy the event.