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Free Fire 7th Anniversary Date: Events, Rewards, and More

Free Fire 7th anniversary date
Free Fire 7th Anniversary date, exciting events, special rewards, and some other items. | Credit: Free Fire.

Free Fire is all set to celebrate its 7th anniversary possibly on July 14, bringing exciting in-game events and special items for its players. On this occasion, some previously existing elements come back to the game.

Along with that players get a chance to collect Magic Cube for which a particular event is organized and also get discounts on various in-game items like weapon skins, emotes, bundles, etc.

The Free Fire 7th Anniversary date leaked, and more other information is also coming out which we will discuss in this article so, keep reading.

Free Fire 7th Anniversary Date, Events & Rewards:

As per the leaks and news coming out, we conclude that the release must be in mid-July. Currently, no official announcement has been made from the side of Free Fire, but, surely, Garens FF’s 7th Anniversary celebration happen in the next month of this year.

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Events Overview

First, we have an event related to Magic Cube, which might take place from 14 to 17 July 2024. In these events, players need to participate in matches and win after that they can obtain a Free Magic Cube.

Free Fire brings some of the well-known previously released events like Less Is More the less you diamond have the more discount you get. If you don’t know how to participate in this event and purchase diamonds then we have a separate article on that, you can check it out here.

In case the Less Is More event is not added to the game then the Top-Up event, will 100% become part of the Free Fire 7th Anniversary celebration.

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If the Less Is More event coming or even the Top-Up event the release date should be 17 or 18 July 2024.

Apart from these events, Free Fire is going be release an event known as Call Back Your Friends. In which players get an opportunity to collect 29,999 Diamonds.

Exclusive Rewards & Items

In the 7th Anniversary celebration, players see some new rewards including bundles, emotes, and weapon skins like Evo MP40 2.0.

The Evo MP40 2.0 is an upgradable weapon and its level 1 player just gets it by default in the game. Then moving to the second to seventh level, there are certain upgrades in the weapon seen as appearance changes, and power included such as kill announcement, hit effect, and others.

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Additionally, bring back some old traps like the Scorpio bundle, in which you have to collect five tokens to unlock all the colorful bundles, emotes, and animation also. If you obtain one or two tokens then, you can get a Scorpio banner and Marks.

Furthermore, the Free Fire old train lobby has some possibility of to return in the game with more adventure and thrill on the Free Fire 7th Anniversary date.

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This celebration also provides players some free in-game rewards by competing in several challenges so, get ready and don’t miss a single chance to grab exclusive items in your favorite battle royale game Free Fire.