Why Did Snax Leave Team XO: All Details, New Team and More

snax leave xo
Snax leaving Team XO might just open doors for a lot other players

Snax Leave XO. Snax discussed his reasons for leaving enduring a stream. Therefore, he clarified that he did leave XO as he had joined another team. It’s sad, that Snax leave XO.

Snax was dropped from Immortal in BMPS Season 1 after a few months of success. The team was more comfortable having him around. Snax tried to be a support player, but it was not the right fit for him. In addition, Snax injured his arm last month at a LAN. He was out of the game for a few more months. Snax leaves XO, it is sad to know! Snax is considered the best BGMI player.  The below Instagram tweet confirms Snax’z departure from XO.


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Team XO, one of the most prestigious teams in India, participated in the BMOC on May 12. Moreover, the team finished second and qualified for the Pro Series Season 1.
It was, however, surprising to see Snax, the star player, not in Round 4. Fans have been asking why Snax has not participated in Round 4. Now, Snax leaves XO!

Snax Discusses Team XO’s Composition at BMOC Round 4.

Snax-a very dangerous player discussed the issue in a Livestream and stated that his team received their BMOC schedule on May 10. Following the release of the schedule, there was a vote in a team meeting to determine the four playing players. The vote resulted in Immortal, Punk, and Fierce being the participants.Now, Snax leaves XO!

Snax’s journey as Team XO’s leader

XO won first place in Skyesports Grand Slam 2022, earning Rs8 lakhs. The team was then victorious at Upthrust Esports Indian Rising 2022. The team performed well at the Nodiwn All-Stars Invitational LAN, where they took fourth place.

Team XO also qualified for the BMPS via BMOC and took eighth place in Grand Finals. They were unable to win an official title.

Team XO occupied the 10th & 5th places in the Masters Series and the BGMI Showdown, respectively. However, Snax was unable to play in any tournaments because of a hand injury.

With BGMI’s ban now, the esports circuit in India is uncertain. Pulling out was probably the right decision.Now, Snax leaves XO!

After Snax, Team XO’s BGMI Roster:

  • Sense – Deepak Negi IGL
  • Punkk – Ashutosh Sing (Fragger).
  • Fierce – Ritesh Nwandar (Assaulter).
  • Immortal – Harsh Shrivastava (Support)

Since 2019, Snax is involved in esports. He has participated in several PUBG Mobile/BGMI events in his three-year tenure. Snax is one of India’s best players and is well-known for his DP-28 sprays. This candidate has over 750k Instagram followers and more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.

It will be interesting for us to see what team Snax joins next. His experience will make him highly sought-after. He’s a member of many popular teams, including Team IND, Mega Esports, and Velocity Gaming. This article is the best guide.

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