Tips to climb Ranked in BGMI in C4S11

Here are some quick tips on how to climb Ranked in BGMI and what improvements to make.

Ranked in BGMI
Ranked in BGMI (image via. gizbot.com)

BGMI has recently released in India once again, and a new Ranked season has been revealed. This is the first ranked season after a year long ban, and it has already got the players excited. We give you some simple tips in order to climb ranked in BGMI in the latest Cycle 4 Season 11.

BGMI’s ranked games are extremely competitive, as many players dream of reaching the Conqueror tier. Players can earn both fame and rewards from ranking up and many of them might chase professional careers. To get better this season, we have prepared a small list of tips that will definitely improve your play style.

5 tips to climb ranked in BGMI (Cycle 4 Season 11)

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Ranked game modes are very popular and here are some tips to climb:

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Play in TPP mode

Most of the professional players and YouTubers always play in the Third-Person perspective (TPP) mode. There is no concrete evidence of this making it easier for you to aim, but one thing we can say for sure is that it provides you greater awareness of your surroundings. You can clearly view a larger area if you play in TPP. You can definitely succeed in FPP mode, but following the pros is a great way to make it

Focus on Survival

This is a tip if you always like to play aggressively, trying to find opponents to face, simply because it fun! However, you have to understand that ranking up in BGMI will require you to be aggressive second and think about survival first. Higher-ranking players are a real threat and you might get caught between two teams fighting. It is better to focus on surviving first and defeating opponents later.

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Ranked in BGMI
Ranked in BGMI (image via. mysmartprice.com)

Disengage when needed

This is one of the most useful tips for players who are looking to climb ranked in BGMI. A great player will always know when to engage in a fight and when to disengage to heal up and then re-engage again. The best players can do this seamlessly to pressure their opponents again and again.

Get a Great Team

Some players might like to participate in matches solo, but the best way to consistently win is in squads. A great squad will look after their teammates in fights and effectively communicate to defeat their opponents. Playing as a team also contributes greatly to you as a player, as you learn from your friends and you can teach your friends.

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Spread out Utilities and Weapons

A basic mistake that many players make is not carrying enough utility tools. These include heals and shields. New items such as the Gun shield are a great way to minimize damage, while skirmishing. Due to having limited inventory, players must always prioritize having a few weapons and also a few heals that can help clutch a tough situation.

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