BMOC 2022: Registration Date, Format, and Schedule

BMOC 2022: Registration Date, Format, Schedule, and More!

BMOC 2022: Mobile eSports is booming in India and the year 2022 is going to be the year of eSports. Mobile Games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Battleground Mobile, PUBG New State, Free Fire, and many more games will have eSports matches. Furthermore, After a long wait, Kroften has released the Battleground Mobile India BGMI eSports Roadmap of 2022.

In 2022, Krafton is going to organize 4 different eSports tournaments for Battleground Mobile India. Do you know the total prize pool of the 2022 BGMI eSports tournament? It’s 6 Crores in Indian Rupees (INR). It is one of the highest prize pools when it comes to Indian mobile esports. If you also want your hands on this massive prize pool and rewards then keep reading the blog about BMOC 2022 and other details.

Below you will read about the registration process of the first BGMI eSports tournament in 2022. Moreover, you will also read about the format and schedule of the series along with other major details.

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BMOC 2022: Registration Date, Format, and Schedule

While releasing the road map of BGMI esports of 2022 they thanked the BGMI Community. The thanks are for the support of BGMI Players in their first BGMI eSports tournament or “BGIS 2021.” That time it was able to get more than 600K registration along with more than 200M views on their live streams.

Registration for the BMOC 2022 will start in the upcoming week of February. The process is similar to all other tournaments: First visit the website and then follow the steps. Players need to fill out a form where they need to input their details. They will need to give their Battleground Mobile India Usernames (of all their team members).

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Format and Schedule of BMOC

BMOC 2022: Registration Date, Format, Schedule, and More!
BMOC 2022: Registration Date, Format, Schedule, and More!

The first round of the series is “In-game Qualifiers” and it will start next month. In March all registered teams will compete with each other. And in the end, the top 512 teams will get the opportunity to participate in in-game qualifiers.

Well, the fact is BMOC 2022 in-game qualifiers round contains 3 different rounds. As you read, in the first round we will get our 512 teams and in the second round, we will get 256 teams. And in the last round, only 64 teams qualified for the first season of BMPS.

Furthermore, now we have the top 64 teams but there is one more thing left before the showdown. Yes, from this group only 24 teams have the permission to progress to the next stage. Do you know we also have some invited BGMI eSports teams? Yes, now these 24 teams will compete with the invited teams to clear the first season of BMPS.

This year’s eSports tournament is going to be quite special and remarkable. Even if you are a regular BGMI player, still you will get opportunities to obtain many in-game rewards.

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