BGMI Players Can Claim Mirror World Lobby Theme: All Details

BGMI Players Can Claim Mirror World Lobby Theme
BattleGrounds Mobile India Lobby Theme New Update

Krafton’s most recent 1.7 updates to Battlegrounds Mobile in India have introduced several fantastic new features and gameplay elements to the game. One of the most interesting changes is the introduction of a new League of Legends-inspired mode, which is available on Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok maps. This mode adds a whole new level of intensity to the game, and I can’t wait to see how players use it to their advantage.

Krafton has also introduced some major upgrades with the new update, including additional unique features and gameplay mechanisms. All of these modifications make Battlegrounds Mobile India a more addicting and enjoyable game to play.

Lobby Theme

Krafton has released a hotfix to assist gamers in obtaining the Mirror World lobby theme. The developer announced that players will have the option to obtain the mirror World Lobby theme from November 23 until December 22, via its blog post.

Krafton has released a statement saying that some gamers are experiencing issues with not being able to see the theme in their inventory after completing certain criteria. Players can try the following workaround to obtain their lobby theme.

To obtain the lobby theme, go to the in-game store and type β€œMirror World Lobby Theme” into the search bar. If you do not see the theme in your inventory after restarting the game client, please check again. The hotfix will be automatically applied when you next enter the game.

Some gamers are reporting that they are unable to claim the Mirror World lobby theme, and as a result, Krafton has released a hotfix to assist players in getting the lobby theme.

Special Events

While the news of League of Legends and Arcane joining forces was certainly exciting, it was the addition of Mirror World that had players truly hyped. And rightfully so – the mode offers a unique and challenging twist on two already popular games. Like with any new game or mode, there is always a learning curve.

To enter Mirror World, enable the Mode checkbox under game settings. With this checked, you can play as any one of League of Legends’ four main characters -Caitlyn, Jayce, Jinx and VI.

As you enter a match, you’ll be assigned the goal of killing monsters and collecting Hextech Crystals as a prize. These may be traded in for goods from the game’s shop. That will come in handy while attempting to survive and thrive in Mirror World.


When playing Mirror World, always remember that it is a team game. You cannot win without the help of others and working together to defeat opponents. The FC-themed set includes an avatar frame, shirt, and shoes. The Elite Royale Pass will also be given away which includes coupons, vouchers, and other rewards.

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