Snax The Best BGMI Player : All You Need to Know About Him

Snax Best BGMI Player
Snax the Best BGMI Player

Snax the Best BGMI Player: Raj Verma is also known as PV x IND Snax is a professional esports player. He has performed brilliantly in the past few tournaments. He was the top fragger of Skyesports Championship 3.0 Semi-Finals.

Snax Gaming is one of the best player in the Indian Gaming Community (IGC). To know about his career, youtube channel achievements, etc, read this article till the end.

Snax’s Beginning of BGMI Journey:

Snax was a casual PUBG Mobile player who used to play with his friends. The group of friends made a squad and entered for PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO). In late 2019, Franky had missed a flight to Hyderabad for a tournament. At that time, Snax was called as a replacement for Franky, and later on, he became a major factor for IND.

He joined Team IND as a role of sniper but later he became assaulter and entry fragger for the squad. Right now, he is an assaulter and entry fragger for Team PV x IND.

Snax YouTube Career-

Snax started his Youtube Channel on 1st October 2019 and named it Snax Gaming. Later on 19th October, he posted his first-ever youtube video and regularly posts videos of how to be better at T1. He posted many drills.

Snax BGMI Player
Snax BGMI Player

He started live streaming on 19th July 2020. Right now, he has 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He is doing brilliantly in live streaming and uploading T1 highlights regularly.

Snax Gaming Achievements-

In major tournaments of PUBG or BGMI, Snax has not got so well performance. But, in invitational tournaments, he has got a good record. Snax won the BGMI Launch Party which was organized by Krafton to promote the launch of BGMI in India. He also won Matrix Premier Cup, Skyesports Grand Slam: PUBG Mobile Invitational, Fnatic Lockdown Invitational 2020. Apart from this, he came second in PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battle 2020.

Apart from these things, Snax the BGMI Player is very well known for a phrase called De Jiggle De Jiggle. He is also known for his DP Zeher Burst. His favorite gun combo is DP-28 and M416.

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