Pokemon Unite World Championships 2022: Regional Finals Registration!

Pokemon Unite World Championships 2022: Regional Finals Registration!
Pokemon Unite World Championships 2022: Regional Finals Registration!

Pokemon Unite is coming with its first eSports tournament all around the world. Same for the Indian region where players can participate in the world-level esports championship. In this blog post, you will read about the Pokemon Unite World Championships 2022 and the way to participate in it. If you also want to participate in this tournament with your team and win a handsome reward then keep reading this blog post. 

What are the Pokemon Unite World Championships 2022? 

Now, Pokemon Unite has become an official esports title where they are going to organize a real tournament. Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena type game that has become quite popular just after its release. Now, the Pokemon team is going to organize an esports tournament at the world level in 2022. 

Furthermore, Do you know the prize pool for the upcoming Pokemon championship?  $1,000,000 is the prize pool of the regional tournament which is already live and next is India. $500,000 is the prize pool for the grand finale where all regional qualifiers will compete with each other. 

The first phase of this grand championship is to choose regional qualifiers. In another world, they will choose top teams from every region and then they will compete with each other in the finals. Moreover, the regional finals are going to start this month or you can say May 2022. If you still want to compete in this grand championship then you must register your team for the match. Below you will find the details about the registration process for Last Qualifiers. 

How to Register for Pokemon World Championships 2022? 

The Registration process is quite easy and you can do it by going to their official site. Moreover, for Indian reasons, Loco is the main event organizer and sponsor of this pokemon tournament. There are a few things you should keep in mind before joining the tournament and below you will get the list of those important points: 

Important Note for All Participants:

  • The very first point is to register your team on time for the upcoming tournament. And there need to be at least 5 players because it’s going to be a 5v5 MOBA tournament. 
  • Next players can participate in this tournament with only three types of devices. First is the Nintendo Console, iOS, or Android device which supports the Pokemon Unite game. 

The Finals of the event are going to be in London so get your passport, just a personal tip on this topic. Well, this is all about the Pokemon Unite upcoming or you can say running a world tournament. 

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