Best Five Remnant 2 Armor Sets 2024

Remnant 2 Armor sets 2024
Listed here are the best Remnant 2 Armor sets 2024 and provide detailed information about the set pieces. | Credit: Remnant 2.

Remnant 2, Dark Soul third-person shooting game involves numerous armor sets, with a simpler mechanical structure. All of them with exquisite style help players throughout the in-game journey.

If you are looking for the best Remnant 2 armor set 2024, then this article is for you. Here we break down the selected sets that stand out between all 18 armor sets. 

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Best Remnant 2 Armor Sets 2024

Leto Mark II Set

Starting with the ultra-heavy Leto Mark II set in the list of best Remnant 2 armor sets 2024. This offers maximum protection and an unusual armor rating. Alongside, players can experience a balanced resistance against many damage categories.

Leto Mark II Set pieces: Total Weight – 90

  • Chest Piece: Leto Mark II Armor
  • Head Piece: Leto Mark II Helmet
  • Arm Armor: Leto Mark II Gloves
  • Leg Armor: Leto Mark II Leggings

Disciple Set

Move to the second, the Disciple heavy armor set is the latest one launched in The Freedom Kingdom DLC (stream now). This style set offers impressive resistance against the attract and fire damage. 

Discipline Set pieces: Total Weight – 57.6

  • Chest Piece: Discipline Mantle
  • Head Piece: Discipline Head Armor
  • Arm Armor: Disciple Vambraces
  • Leg Armor: Disciple Greaves

Crimson Guard Set

Another Heavy armor set, the Crimson Guard set. This is a brand new set release in the Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC. This offers a great stylish look and a solid choice for protection in the game. Along with that, the set is quite similar to the Fae Royal Set.

Discipline Set pieces: Total Weight – 53.6

  • Chest Piece: Crimson Guard Plate
  • Head Piece: Crimson Guard Shroud
  • Arm Armor: Crimson Guard Gauntlets
  • Leg Armor: Crimson Guard Sabatons

Fae Royal Set

Next, the Fae Royal Armor set is aesthetic fantasy-oriented which provides excellent defenses and resistance against fire, bleed, and blight damage. This heavy set is the most preferred in post-apocalyptic Hellscape.

Fae Royal Set pieces: Total Weight – 52.8

  • Chest Piece: Fae Royal Bodyplate
  • Head Piece: Fae Royal Headcover
  • Arm Armor: Fae Royal Vambraces
  • Leg Armor: Fae Royal Greaves

Radiant Set

The last, solid Armor set is available in the list, players can get it if they have a Deluxe or Ultimate edition of Remnant 2. This medieval aesthetic offers well-designed resistance against bleeding, electricity, fire, and blight damage

Radiant Set pieces: Total Weight – 63.2

  • Chest Piece: Radiant Protector
  • Head Piece: Radiant Visage
  • Arm Armor: Radiant Bracers
  • Leg Armor: Radiant Greaves

These are the list of the best Remnant 2 Armor sets 2024, which players grab and enhance in-game adventure and experiences. This is prepared based on their ranks and includes recent releases.