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Top Five Weapons in Free Fire 2024

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Garena FF offers various in-game weapons so, here is a list of the top five Free Fire weapons that help to survive intense battle. | Credit: Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire offers various in-game weapons that help them to survive intense and immersive battlefields. These include having specific designs & appearances and powers to mark victories.

However, some players choose a certain weapon that has all the qualities to make them win, but it isn’t suitable for your gameplay style. For that here we list the top five Free Fire weapons. So, choose a gun according to your preference.

Note: Free Fire’s new character list 2024, check here.

Top Five Free Fire Weapons in 2024


  • Damage – 71
  • Rate of Fire – 41
  • Range – 76
  • Accuracy – 77
  • Magazine – 15

Starting with the most demanding assault rifle or the most versatile weapon in the list of top Free Fire weapons is the M14. This is the most flexible weapon in the game and this allows a multitude of range choices with decent recoil and controlling.

This weapon offers an incredible amount of damage and is accurate to use for long-range damage. M14 offers a lower fire rate and is the slowest among all assault rifles with a cost of reduced amination capacity. Along the side, this long-range weapon can engage targets of mid-range.

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  • Damage – 48
  • Rate of Fire – 83
  • Range – 22
  • Accuracy – 17
  • Magazine – 20

This is a sub-machine gun available for the players in the Free Fire. Mostly preferred by experienced players, and even in emergencies for straightforward attacks. It includes a high rate of Fire that helps it close-range fight.Β 

MP40 SMG gun has the least amount of accuracy as compared to other guns probably due to its relic from the past. So it has a low magazine size and lack of attachment options as compared with MP5 and the UMP.


First Legendary Scar in 4 years lmao
byu/ZeusX20 infreefire

  • Damage – 53
  • Rate of Fire – 61
  • Range – 60
  • Accuracy – 42
  • Magazine – 30
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SCAR is one of the most recognizable assault rifles used for mid to long-range engagement in matches. It has a decent fire rate and higher control which makes it a better choice to aim accurately. This offers a high damage rate per bullet for the players.Β 

However, this is not one of the most powerful weapons present in Free Fire but it provides balanced stats for beginners. SCAR is just above average damage and range provider which makes it an all-rounder.


  • Damage – 120
  • Rate of Fire – 27
  • Range – 90
  • Accuracy – 90
  • Magazine – 5

Sniper rifles have typically high damage rates, and low accuracy but this gun has a great mixture of accuracy and has a magazine capacity of 8 bullets. Along with that, this gun has the best stats in the game and includes special capabilities that differentiate it from others.

Additionally, it includes specific qualities that help bullets to penetrate vehicles and ice walls too. This will become the most powerful Free Fire weapon to defeat the enemy in the Battleground.

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  • Damage – 60
  • Rate of Fire – 56
  • Range – 72
  • Accuracy – 41
  • Magazine – 30

Lastly, we have the AK47 on the top Free Fire weapons list, a sniper rifle. This gun has an amazing fire rate and good damage per bullet in the game. It performed effectively between the players and the target enemy.

However, this gun has a decent recoil and is sometimes difficult to handle the AK47. Because of this reason, it is highly recommended to equip this gun with a high-level grip to manage stability.

Here we end up with the list of the top five Free Fire weapons of this year, these came out as the most effective and powerful firearms in this battle royale game. Along the side, if you like to explore Fire Fire more then stay connected with us.