How to Obtain Copper in LEGO Fortnite 2024

copper in LEGO Fortnite
Obtaining copper in LEGO Fortnite is difficult and if you are unaware of it then this becomes more challenging, check here how to get it. Credit: Fortnite.

Another rare and valuable resource that exists in LEGO Fortnite is Copper Bars crafted with copper. This is necessary for a bunch of useful upgrades in-game like better crafting benches or bigger chests. Other than this, you can use them to obtain several items such as Barrels, Ladles, and Ovens.

However, Obtaining copper in LEGO Fortnite is difficult and if you are unaware of it then this becomes more challenging for you. So here we are explaining the steps that lead you to obtain copper in-game and also How to get Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite

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How to Obtain Copper in LEGO Fortnite: Guidelines

Start your journey with the desert biome where you need to find the entrance to the Lava cave. Which appears like a large number of rocks with a small gateway. After finding it, you have to enter into the cava which teleports you to where Copper is present.

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Inside it, you will feel the harsh temperature and to protect yourself from it there is Snowberry Shake provided. This works as a heat resistance for 10 minutes in the game. You can also be stocking up on this drink to increase your probability of surviving. 

Note: If you want to make this Snowberry Shake, then pick a Juicer and collect Snowberries from the snow biome and Milk from the Cows, then make the drink.

Move ahead, When you are navigating inside the cave and using a torch in the dark your main aim is to find the Copper Ore, Which will appear like a pile of rocks. Along with that, it carries the bread Blue and Orange shades which separate it from the other ores. The copper inside will located at the bottom of the cave or even somewhere on the upper surface

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Once you get the right Copper Ore that meets all the appearance demands. Then start beating with your pickaxe till it breaks and falls Copper. Despite this, the pickaxe you used to mine copper must be blue or must be a Rare Pickaxe, otherwise, you are unable to get the Copper in LEGO Fortnite.

How to get Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite?

Finally, when you have a sufficient amount of copper, come back to the surface and navigate to a metal smelter. Now use your collected copper to smelt them into Copper Bars, that required for crafting in-game. Each copper needs x2 Brightcore to melt and convert. 

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In case, you don’t have Metal Stealth then you must have X35 Obsidian SLabs, x15 Brightcore, and x3 Blast Cores to craft Copper Bars in LEGO Fortnite (streaming).

Lastly, follow step-by-step guidelines to get the copper and use the method to craft the Copper Bars which help you in the game. If you want to explore other things then we have a separate article that lets you know How to Tame Animals in LEGO Fortnite.