How to obtain Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence
Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence is available in specific areas in Yaesha and is tricky to get, here are the methods to collect them. | Credit: Remnant 2.

Participating in various dark mysterious missions and quests, you surely came across some of the rare resources. Remnant 2 Blood Moons Essence is valuable among all the items and tricky to obtain in the game.

This rare material is available in specific areas of the map and you may find it difficult to get it so, here we break down how to obtain Blood Moon in Remnant 2 and its uses also.

Farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2: Methods

How to Farm Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2 – Comprehensive Guide
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To Fram Remnant 2 Blood Moons Essence which is found around the shooting purple Root Wisp enemies within the Yaesha. You must beat these creatures, and for that, we are here to explain the different methods that help in the game:

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Enter into the Yaesha area, first visit to the region where it seems to have a steady spawn of Blood Moon Essence. Then look after the Blood Moon in the sky. Where you see a distinct Blood Moon in a particular region of Yaesha. This area appears good spawn rate of Blood Moon in Remnant 2. 

Next, destroy the Purple Orbs floating around shown in Yaesha. But beat them when the sky holds a particular and Blood Moon appears in the sky. If it seems then you’ll need to shoot them, this causes them to swing back into you and give you Blood Moon Essence.

The last method to obtain the Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence is outside the Forgotten Temple, this is another best choice to spawn this rare resource. Since to farm it you have to kill the Deo. 

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You have to solve the Water Harp Puzzle after that you meet the Root-corrupted Wolf. Then Wolf gives you two options choose either spare or kill its enemy, the Doe. By killing it, you’ll get the Ravager Mark and then make the area outside the Forgotten Temple.

Note: Through these methods, you will obtain Blood Moon Essence but it is not guaranteed so you need to explore and be eager for this rare resource.

How to Use Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence

After collecting enough amounts of Blood Moon Essence, then you need to find the Blood Moon Altar in Yaesha. This Altar appears like a small crafting station with a blue color icon and contains an image of Blood Moon on the map.

Once you get it, exchange Blood Moon Essence with several potential items, equipment, and others. Even, you can obtain the Summoner Archetype for which you need 15 Blood Moons, 1,500 Scrap, and five Lumenite Crystals also. If you collect all these necessary items then you will get Summoner Archetype in the Remnant 2.

Wrap up! You these ways and collect Blood Moon Essence to obtain the rare and expensive in-game items and equipment. If you haven’t check out how to get Armor sets in Remnant 2.