Mobs Coming in Minecraft 1.19 in 2022: The Wild Update

Mobs Coming in Minecraft
Mobs Coming in Minecraft

Eversince the news of the Wild Update also known as the Minecraft 1.19 update came out. Players all around the world are going crazy for all the new features and things Mojang is going to add. Moreover, the whole Minecraft Community is excited for the Mobs coming in Minecrft 1.19.

As of last year, in 2021. It was seen the a whole set of new features and mobs were going to be added in the game. However, some of them did not make it in the 2021. But, the conditions in 2022 are very different. And that is what is all going in the air right now.

Mobs Coming in Minecraft 1.19

Mobs Coming in Minecraft

There are several mobs that are coming this year. From the most awaited Warden to the recently chosen, Allay in Minecraft. The mobs that are in the Wild Update, all those. And more, if we know that Mojang has planned a surprise for us.

Every year, Mojang does something unexpected for the Minecraft Community. That takes everyone’s heart. And we expect them to doe something like that this year too. Because in 2021, they have won millions of heart by releasing the Caves and Cliffs Update.

However, we are getting distracted from the current topic. That is the Mobs Coming in Minecraft 1.19. So here is the list af all the mobs we know about yet. This list can vary drastically, in the upcoming future.

1. Dark Mobs coming in Minecraft

It is not a surprise that the Mobs that are most awaited in Minecraft were supposed to be added in the Minecraft 1.18. However, that didn’t happened. But that is about to change in 2022. Because the dark city along with the dark Mobs is coming in Minecraft.The Mobs that are coming in Minecraft with the Dark City are:-

1.1 The Warden

Mobs Coming in Minecraft
The Warden

This is the most awaited mob in Minecraft as of 2021 and still in 2022. Warden was suppose to enter the game with the caves and cliffs update. But sadly that wasn’t possible. However, he is coming this year. And beware Minecraft players, because he is the actual doom.

The Mobs coming in Minecraft has this boss like mob in it. He is bigger and taller than the golem in Minecraft. Moreover, he is the first blind Mob in Minecraft. So, the vibe that he creates is really spooky when he haunts you by listening your sound and vibrations.

Also, he gives a blinding effect when hits any player. And don’t forget the teaser, in Which he killed a player with full Netherite Armor with 2 Hits. So, most players are really excited for him, However, they don’t want to encounter this beast in the game.

2. The Wild Mobs coming in Minecraft

This is the update that is coming this year. In 2022, people are impatiently waiting for the Wild Update. However, they know that this Update will be released later this year. So, the whole Minecraft Community is waiting for the Snapshots and the Mods that include these Updates.

However, keeping the update aside. Players are so excited for the Mobs coming in Minecraft with those Wild Update. Yes, We are talking about the creatures coming in and around the New Mangrove biome.

2.1 Frogs

Frogs in Minecraft
Frogs in Minecraft

The frogs are the mobs coming in Minecraft with the wild update. Frogs are the creatures being added to the swamp biome, so that they could match th aesthetics of the surrounding. These creatures can bee seen sitting on the side of the swamps, on the lily pads, or on the drip leafs. Moreover, they will have different variants depending in the Biome they will spwan.Β 

2.2 Tadpoles

These are the miniature version of Frogs. Tadpoles can be seen in the water, swimming. The eggs will be seen in the water and then they will come out of the the eggs. Once they are out of the egg, they can be picked up using water bucket. However, they cant survive out of the water like the frogs for a long period of time.

2.3 Fire Flies

Fire flies in Minecraft
Fire Flies in Minecraft

Last Mobs coming in Minecraft through the Wild Update are the fire flies. These are supposed to be added as an aesthetic feature in Minecraft. they can be seen flying around the swamps at night to make Minecraft More lively. Moreover, they will be the food of the frogs.

3. Allay: Mob Votes Winner

The last Mobs coming in Minecraft this year are arrays. It is the winner of the Mob Votes 2021. Allay is friendly Mob that will help the players in certain ways. It is a small, flying, Blue-colored mob that will collect items for the players. Moreover, it will drop them at a certain place. And the best part is that this mob loves juke boxes.

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