Minecraft Update 1.18 is Out Now: Caves and Cliffs Part- 2

Minecraft Update 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2
Caves and Cliff part-2

It is here. It is really here. We made it to the release day. Yes, we are talking about the one thing that we have all been waiting for. The Minecraft Update 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is finally out. It has been over a year till the release was teased and on 30/11/2021, it is finally over. All the wait and patience has come to this moment. Let us see what this update has to offer.

Well, it is no surprise for all of you. As the dates were announced a while ago. However, the matter of belief is something that is missing. We all have been waiting for the Minecraft Update 1.18 for so long. Moreover, we feel like this is still a dream for us to witness this day.

Minecraft Update 1.18: Part- 1

Minecraft Update 1.18
ore generation chart

What we have seen so far is that this update was divided into two parts. The Minecraft Update 1.18 Part- 1 and 2. Shortly after the release of part- 1. The snapshots for part-2 begin to release. And since then, till this day, all we had were snapshots.

Update Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Release Features

Earlier, today the game was released on the Bedrock and then shortly after on Java Versions of the game. However, as we all know that the Minecraft Update 1.18 had some clearing before it. Therefore, on 24/11/2021, a total of five Bugs were removed from the game.

To throw some light on the few bugs. Like:-

        • MC- 236783- Parity Issues. Ravagers still attack Baby Villagers in Java Edition.
        • MC- 242375- Cats no longer scare Phantoms away.

So the Features that you can see in the Minecraft Update 1.18 are the release of bug-fixed Candidates. There were like 4 Candidates released to fix the Major Bugs. Therefore, the bugs are:-

  1. Coal Generation. 
  2. Lava Lake Generation. 

Minecraft Update 1.18 (Caves and Cliffs Part 2) Summary 

So to wrap up all the things going around your heads. The 1.18 Update Caves and Cliffs Part 2 has several features included in it. Those features are discussed earlier. However, the bug fixes and the Snapshots have changed the scenario of the whole game. Moreover, those features are:-

Minecraft Update 1.18
Stony Peaks
  1. Biome Changes– All the biomes have changed. Well, this was obvious, wasn’t it? From the Plains to the Mountains, and from the Savana to the Ocean. Wait, the ocean Biome hasn’t changed. Because it had nothing to change in it. However, leaving the ocean aside, the rest of all the biomes have been changed. They are completely different.
  2. World Generation- The world generation is completely different and improved. The system has new features and levels of generation. Like the mountains have a new limit of height increased. Underneath those mountains and land, there is a new system of caves. And 2 new biomes in those caves.
  3. New Mob Spawn Levels- One of the major changes that happened in Minecraft Update 1.18 is the Mob spawn level. Earlier the Mobs were able to spawn in Light Level 7. However, now the current light level set for the Mobs tp spawn is 0. That is darker than the dark itself!
  4. New Advancements.

So these were the features and summary for the Minecraft Update1.18. More information is coming about this update. So stay connected with us.

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