Explore Shipwrecks in Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs Update

Shipwrecks in Minecraft
Shipwrecks in Minecraft

Minecraft is full of wonders and secrets. Some secrets lie in the ground beneath your feet and some in the depths of the oceans. However, there are some secrets that are hidden deep in the ocean beds. Yes, we are talking about Shipwrecks in Minecraft. The abandoned ships that have sunk and now reside on the beds of the ocean.

Shipwrecks in Minecraft are one of the things that are still a mystery to many players. they can appear anywhere in the ocean. And the worst part of shipwrecks is that players ignore them as they have no idea what they are. So to clear this confusion and help the Minecraft community. Here are the details you need about Shipwrecks.

What are Shipwrecks in Minecraft?

Shipwreck in Minecraft
Shipwreck in Minecraft

A Shipwreck is a naturally generated structure like the Ocean Monument and Woodland Mansions. However, like the Ocean Monument and Woodland Mansion, which have a fixed location. A shipwreck can have a variable location of spawning. It can spawn near the shore or deep on the ocean bed.

Moreover, the ocean monuments and the woodland mansion are such structures that spawn intact. But like the Ruined Nether portals, Shipwrecks in Minecraft spawn in a withered condition. They are usually broken, fallen, or inverted.

However, there is one secret that most players don’t know and that is why they ignore the Shipwrecks. The secret is that these shipwrecks that appear to be abandoned contain treasure that you can only imagine. So, let us talk about these riches in detail.

Types of Shipwrecks in Minecraft

Well, there are several types of Shipwrecks in the game. But the most common ones are only 3. It means that whenever you will find a Shipwreck, you will mostly find one of those three. But there are exceptions too. Let us know more about all the types of Shipwrecks in Minecraft:-

  1. Stern of shipwreck
    stern of shipwreck

    One Portion Missing:- The most common one on the game is with one portion missing. This type of Shipwreck has the chance of having the Deck( front part of the ship) or the Stern( Back part of the ship) missing.

  2. side drowned shipwreck
    side drowned shipwreck

    Side Sunken Ship:- This is one more type of ship that you can find in the ocean. However, this one will be tilted to its side. Moreover, the entrance to this shipwreck in Minecraft won’t be easy.

  3. Upsidedown shipwreck
    Upsidedown shipwreck

    Inverted Shipwreck:- This is the last one of the most common shipwrecks. You will find this one to be inverted and completely intact. From the hull to the stern, the ship is fully secured and in one piece.

Exception of Shipwrecks:- 

All these shipwrecks that are mentioned above are commonly seen in Minecraft. However, if you are lucky, then you can find some rare ones too. But to be clear, the exception is for the condition and the spawning of the ships, and not about the treasure kept in it.

  1. Upward Shipwreck:- This type of shipwreck is very rare to see in Minecraft. However, if you manage to see one, then you are really lucky. Moreover, this type of shipwreck has a higher probability of having better loot and more chests in it.
  2. More than one Shipwreck:- This is one of the rarest things in Minecraft. To find 2 or more than 2 Shipwrecks in Minecraft, simultaneously. Moreover, if the ships are upward then it can be the rarest thing to find in Minecraft.

Treasure in Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks in Minecraft
internal structure of ship

All the things described up are about the shipwrecks condition and the places where you can find them. However, the most important question is, “What you can find in these Shipwrecks”. Well, the answer to that can be disappointing to some of you. But it is what it is! So, you can find the following things in Shipwrecks in Minecraft:-

  • Crops
  • Paper
  • Books
  • Tools
  • Iron ingots
  • Gold Ingots 
  • Enchanted Books
  • Coal
  • Moss Block(1.17 Update)
  • Armor

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