How to find Buried Treasure in Minecraft: All Steps Explained

Our experts have made some steps that you can follow if your looking for the Buried treasure in Minecraftt.

The Minecraft world is incomplete without any Buried treasure in Minecraft. Treasures are the best way to get your hands on new items, Useful resources, and precious items. However, to find this treasure, you might need some help. That is why we are here. Moreover, we will tell you the basic steps. Just keep reading.

Buried Treasure in Minecraft:-

Well, the Buried treasure is a treasure chest that is deep at the borders of beaches. These chests are of Pirates, at least this is what players believe. They keep their treasure and goods in Buried chests to protect them from others. However, when the world evolved, the pirates were lost in time all that is left was their Buried treasure in Minecraft.

Inside of Buried treasure in Minecraft:-

So, you might wonder,” what is in these Buried treasures”? To increase your excitement, they contain different items. From simple items like Crops, fishing rods all the way to Diamonds and Heart of the Sea. The Loot usually differs. However, they have some of the best loots in Minecraft.

How to get Buried Treasure:-

Well, now we guess that you want to get your hands on the Buried treasure in Minecraft. However, it is really tricky to get them. To find them, one needs to get their all senses to work together. And have to be patient. The Steps to get the Buried treasure in Minecraft are:-

1st Step:- The basic step for you to find the treasure is to find the treasure map. To find the treasure map, you need to first find a ShipWreck or Ocean Ruins. They are usually submerged underwater, That is why you need to keep your eyes open all the time. Once you find the Structure, Go to the next step.

2nd Step:- Now, that you have the structure you were looking for. The next part is very crucial. It is to hold your breath and dive into the horrifying depths of the Majestic ocean. And if you have the fear of the Ocean, then you better have someone with you.

Moreover, You will have to face dangerous sea mobs- The Drowned that haunt these structures and guard them. They will kill you if you are not careful enough. However, if you are able to dodge the Monsters. Now you need to get the Main thing, A treasure Map.

A treasure map is in the chest which is in these structures. However, it is not a guarantee that you will get a treasure map. But all this can be worth it if you find the Buried treasure in Minecraft.

3rd Step:- Next is to read the map. However, this step is the only step that most players do wrong. You see, the reading of a map is a skill. If you read the map correctly, then you have the Buried Treasure in Minecraft. Therefore, leading to a better experience.

But if you read the map incorrectly, then you will waste your energy and time at the wrong place only resulting in the dirt in your hands. Therefore, the best way is to follow the mark ‘X’ on the map.

4th Step:- Now you just need to dig the sand. However, it is not that easy. So, here is a tip that can get the exact location of Buried treasure in Minecraft.

Tip- Open the Co-ordinate Options and look at the Chunks. Once the Chunchs align at 9,0,9., Dig down.

Use this tip and you will find the buried treasure. But, the loot you get is based on your luck.

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