5 Cool Minecraft Houses For December: Minecraft Version 1.18

Cool Minecraft Houses
Cool Minecraft Houses

There is so much going on in Minecraft these days. So many ideas, so many add-ons, So many challenges, and whatnot. With all these things going on in Minecraft, there is one thing that never goes out of the hot topics list. And that is the “Cool Minecraft Houses”. Because in the end, we all know that we have to make something nice and cool for our satisfaction.

This Sandbox Game was released in 2011. It has eventually grown to be one of the best games of the decade. There have been a lot of changes that happened to it in the past 10 years. However, the concept of having the best and the coolest house never left it. So here are the, “5 Cool Minecraft Houses” that you can try in your base.

What are Cool Minecraft Houses?

Well before we move to the actual ideas, understand the idea itself. So, the idea of having cool Minecraft Houses is because the trends change with time. In summers, there will be something that will be in trend. Like having a “Beach House”.

And sometimes the idea may vary on the Biome you get. So all these things have a different impact on your choice. And for you, we have the responsibility to keep you updated on the trend. And sometimes help you to give a spark that can create something Unique. So, with all that said we start our list.

5. Cool Minecraft Houses: Hanging House

Cool Minecraft Houses
Hanging House

This house is very cool. Have you ever watched movies or cartoons in which people have their houses hanging? The same concept is used here. As you know that building in Minecraft is very easy and fun. So, utilizing all that, we can create these fun and cool Minecraft houses.

The best part of this house is, you can use different items to your advantage. You can either use chains to give that floating effect. Or you can use support beams in order to have something that has a strong foundation.

4. Lavapool House

lava house
lava house

One more house that has that mystical or cartoonish vibe is the Lavapool house. This house can be very fun to create. But also can be very dangerous at the same time. Because you will be dealing with lava at all times. And we all know what happens when you go near the lava in Minecraft.

These cool Minecraft Houses are really helpful too. Because it will prevent any mob to come into your house. Because you will be surrounded by lava. And it can be you only who knows how to enter your house.

3. Underground House

We are playing Minecraft and is it possible that we don’t talk about an Underground house? An underground house has been there for a decade now. But the idea of it never gets old. People always come with something that is fresh and new. So you can create some Underground Cool Minecraft Houses and live in them.

2. Tree House

Another cool Minecraft houses that you can build are the treehouses. Treehouses are very rare to see in Minecraft. As they require a lot of planning and pre-build requirements. But it will be really cool to have a treehouse for yourself. Moreover, you can use trees to either support your house or make your house entirely on the trees.

1. Castle House

Cool Minecraft Houses
Medieval Castle

The last but not least one on our list of Cool Minecraft Houses is the Castle house. We thought that it would be cool to add something that has the Medieval them. As you know that the game has somewhat of this theme in it. Also, you can be very creative with the Castle house and have it as big, bold, and flashy as you want.

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