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A new item was released today by Epic in the League of Legends by the name of Anathemas Chains. The release of this item, its details and the pros and cons it has are all mentioned here.

League of Legends
League of Legends

League of Legends has been reworking the old characters and items for a long time now. Today the release of yet another item was observed in the PBE(Public Beta Environment). The new item Anathemas Chains were added to League of Legends PBE. Jeevun Sidhu the lead game designer of Riot Games also teased the item a few weeks ago.

Release of Anathemas Chains in League of Legends patch 11.13

The release of the new item Anathema’s chains is set to happen with patch 11.13 of League of Legends. The release date for the patch is 23rd June 2021. Until then this item will be usable in the PBE.

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Anathemas Chains Details in League of Legends:

Anathemas Chains Details for League of Legends

The Anathema’s Chains are a tank item. It gives the user +650 Health and +20 Ability Haste.

It also has an active ability by which the user can select a Nemesis. The active ability is usable even after being dead and at a global range. However, you cannot cast the spell for 15 seconds while engaging with other champions.

Another ability called Vendetta, after selecting your Nemesis, you can start building a Vendetta against them over 60 secs. A Vendetta enables you to take up to 30% less damage from your Nemesis, with a 1% per stack reduction.

Another inbuilt ability-Vengeance of the item is that it allows 20% reduced tenacity of the Nemesis while they’re near you.

You can watch this video for the live gameplay of the new item:

Furthermore, you can buy the item for 2500 gold or build it from Kindlegem and Giant’s Belt with 800 gold. So, it is pretty good for a legendary item. Also, the quote that comes with the legendary item is “She swore to dedicate her life to his destruction. The gauntlets heard”

You can check out their Twitter for further details:

Pros of Anathema’s Chains 

  • Anti-split push is now easier with this item
  • You can counter single-threat teams.
  • Being able to use the active ability even when you’re dead.

Cons of Anathema’s Chains

  • Changing your Nemesis causes you to lose all the Vendetta against your previous Nemesis i.e you’ll have to work for your new Nemesis’ Vendetta again.

The design of the item is such that split push becomes harder for the enemy. Overall, the item is not overpowering but still noteworthy.

Read about the 11.12 patch notes from League of Legends here.

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