Best League of Legends Heroes for Early Ganks from Jungle

League of Legends Heroes are varied and here are the best gankers in the Early game.

League of Legends Heroes
Misfortune from League of Legends (image via. NME)

League of Legends has a huge roster of champions. Although all are viable, some champions have a better early game than others. We find out the best League of Legends Heroes for early ganks to advance your gold lead early.

Ganking in League of Legends refers to suddenly starting a fight in a lane, in order to get kills. This is generally done by a Jungler, who ganks through the river that connects all three lanes of the map. Even though this is a job for the jungler, the support or mid-laner can often gank other lanes due to their positions in the game. Some champions have great early game damage, and also a lot of crowd control (CC), which helps them effectively gets kills early.

Best League of Legends Heroes for Early Ganks

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This list will contain champion from all lanes, but it is how to play them that determines the success of a gank. These champions have great early game power, which either high damage, high CC, or both.

Lee Sin

Difficulty – High

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Lee Sin has been one of the most dominant early game junglers, with a high mobility kit and high damage. Lee Sin relies majorly on landing his kick or Q ability in order to engage and deal damage. Landing a Q means a guaranteed gap closer and high damage. Moreover, if you have a ward up, you can place it and then use your E-ability on it to dash. Lee Sin has high early damage, so that means a follow-up by your laner can be a guaranteed kill on your opponents.


Difficulty – High

Elise is one of the most difficult junglers to play, but she has amazing CC, incredible damage and also great disengage. Players who main her, can gank a lane, get a kill and snowball into the later game. Elise has two forms which means players need to be comfortable switching between the two, in order to deal the maximum damage. Elise’s human-form Q does more damage when opponents have higher health, and her Spider-form Q does more damage when enemies have lower health. Knowing when to switch between her human and spider form is the key to playing her.

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Difficulty – Low

Pantheon is one of the simplest League of Legends heroes and is amazing in many lanes. This champion can be played in the top lane, mid-lane, jungle, and also as a support in some cases. Pantheon as an amazing kit for ganks due to his long stun, high damage, and his global ultimate. You can ganks lanes easily using your ultimate, and lock down enemies using your stun. Pantheon’s high damage is also useful for securing the kill when ganking, and his W-stun serves as a gap closer. Pantheon is versatile, but he becomes less effective as the game goes on.


Difficulty – Low

A tank jungler with a ton of CC and displacement describes Maokai pretty well. His biggest advantage is his relatively easy to use kit, and amazing CC. Maokai can tan a lot of damage but also pin opponents to the spot, making it a easy kill. He can get many successful ganks in a lane where there is another high-damage champion to support him. A high damage mid-laner and Maokai can set up several successful ganks in moments and helps the team to get ahead significantly.

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Difficulty – Low

Amumu is similar to Maokai in the essence that he is tanky and has a lot of CC. Amumu’s Q ability has been buffed considerably and can hold two charges now. This provides a lot of CC and also from a long range. His ultimate is also very useful in locking enemies down in a big area, which can be ideal for bottom lane. Amumu provides a lot of power early in the game, but also scales well later in the game.

These are some of the best Early game League of Legends Heroes to play. Some of these are harder than the others, but mastering them will take time. With greater mastery comes greater rewards, so it is encouraged to practice a lot with them.

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