Jinx Lore League of Legends: All you Need to Know

Jinx the manic, loose cannon, know more about her in her lore in League of Legends form here. The destruction that she causes, where she comes form, why she does that and why is she a threat. All you need to know about her.

Jinx Lore League of Legends
Jinx League of Legends

A champion from the League of Legends. There have been various mysteries about Jinx and her Lore from the League of Legends. And her back-story continues to be an enigma to all. Her origins are still unknown. Jinx is a loose cannon that plays as a marksman in the League of Legends.

She continues to be a menace for Caitlyn and Vi especially. You could say that she is a Zaunite since all her devastating weapons carry a symbolic reference to Zaun. If you want to know more about her you can give this a read.

Where does Jinx come from according to her Lore in the League of Legends?

Jinx League of Legends Origin

No one truly knows where Jinx comes from. Her whereabouts about where she came from are still unspecified. A manic and impetuous criminal that thrives to live for wreaking havoc throughout Piltover.

According to some old-timers, she looks like a little girl that used to live in Zaun. But, from her actions, she couldn’t have been the same innocent girl with blue hair. She continues to bring hardship to the Sheriff of Piltover. Carrying a lethal set of weaponry. Piltover saw her first appearance at the Roguery Night. She hijacked and destroyed the exit routes to the event with explosives.

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Why does Jinx keep spreading havoc over Piltover?

The answer to this question is quite ambiguous. It is also said that Jinx, might have been traumatized in her distant past to make her what she is today in the League of Legends. The gangs that used to rule over them tortured her and suffered from them. Maybe, this is the reason why she keeps up with the acts of demolition. Also, this might be why Jinx is called the Loose Cannon in League of Legends.

The city of progress: Piltover was bewildered at the appearance of this new criminal that continues to threaten the city. With her Chemtech explosives, a Shark-mouth launcher, and a repeater gun she levels any monument/building that she seems fit. Sheriff Caitlyn has been on her chase for a while now. Even since the beginning, Enforcer Vi has been on her tails unsuccessful in catching her.

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What makes Jinx a threat for Piltover?

threat to Piltover
the threat to Piltover: Jinx the loose cannon

To give an instance of this, Jinx Lore lol had once announced her plan by revealing it on graffiti of the Ecliptic vaults (one of the most secure treasuries for Piltover). The date and time of the robbery were mentioned with it. What is astonishing, is that she was actually inside the vault before the robbery ever happened.

At the exact mentioned time she started using explosives inside the vault and destroying the treasures inside. How was this possible? She was inside a coin crate that someone transferred from the Toll Towers of Sun Gates into the vault.

As soon as Vi heard the explosions she rushed thoughtlessly inside the vault. Where she saw Jinx demolishing the wealth of Piltover. They fought each other and reached the dead ends of the vault underground. Jinx destroyed the ceiling of the vault which ended up crumbling it down and leveling the vault completely.

In the end, Jinx continues to be a threat to Piltover. So, she is manic and will not cease until caught. Vi and Caitlyn continue to tail her for now. And, in the hopes of catching her someday.

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