Top 5 things to know before playing Ruined King a League of Legends Story

Ruined King a League of Legends Story is an amazing game and here are a few tips o help you out.

Ruined King a League of Legends Story
Ruined King a League of Legends Story (image via. ruinedking)

League of Legends has been branching out in several creative fields in the past few years. Arcane has been a hit TV Series based on League characters and lore, and several other games are also on the horizon. Ruined King a League of Legends Story is a turn-based story game, following some of the characters and lore in the League of Legends franchise.

The game was released in 2021 and was teased for a whole years. Riot has been planning some new games moving away from their battle arena formula. There is a fighting game, an MMO, and also the new turn based story that just released. With Ruined King already out, players might want to know some smaller details about it and also some handy tips.

Ruined King a League of Legends Story: Tips you should now

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Ruined King is a story based on the story of Ruination in the lore of League. The follows the story of King Viego and how his quest to revive Isolde brought about mayhem. For first time players this can be quite the experience, as the story is gripping and the gameplay intense. To sail through the game, here are some tips that you can use right from the start.

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Leveling Up Fast

Character leveling is one of your main priorities when progressing through the story. There are several ways to level up the characters, and the most common is through doing main quests and side quests. The main story quests give the most amount of XP, and completing all the side quests is a great way to stay ahead in levels. Farming XP will also unlock a variety of characters and progress the story forward.

You will also unlock Bounties from Level 7 onwards, and these will give you great XP as well. Bounties will give you gold and XP, and fighting experience. Another way of increasing XP gain, is to eat food that gives a XP boost before battle.

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Take the Story Slowly

Like many other single-player games Ruined King a League of Legends Story, features an amazing story. It is advised that you do not rush through the game with only progress in mind. The lore behind the game takes place throughout many notable regions of Runeterra, and League of Legends fans will surely find it a treat. Even if you are not a fan, getting invested in the story might make it memorable. Do try to level up fast, but enjoy the whole process as well.

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Getting Items

Since the game has a lot of characters, players need to spend some time itemizing them as well. There are two forms of currencies in the game – Gold and Black Marks. The Black marks allow you to get rare items and more. It is therefore imperative that players make quick money through exploration, bounties and by completing missions. Getting ample amount of currency ensures that you will get a constant stream of items.

Manage your Team

As mentioned earlier, Ruined King a League of Legends Story, features a few of the League characters that you can use on your battles. Each fight will only allow you to use 3 champions so dividing your tank, DPS, and support is crucial. Some fights might be doable with only DPS characters, but tougher fights will definitely require a great mix of the three.

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Learning Skills and Enchanting

Lastly, we will advise you to learn skills in order to best suit your team. Each character has a skill tree where you can specialize in and boost there effectiveness by a lot. Maximizing a certain tree instead of sporadically investing skill points can be a huge benefit. Similarly Enchanting and boosting your weapons is a similar trick to strengthen your team.

Ruined King a League of Legends Story has great depth and you will find yourself invested in it for hours. These tips will serve well as a general reminder of what to do when you are confused.

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