How to use Overwolf League of Legends to its full potential?

Overwolf League of Legends is an incredible overlay and here are some apps that you might want to have.

Overwolf League of Legends
Mobalytics x Overwolf (image via. Mobalytics)

League of Legends has garnered a ton of popularity and players are striving to get better and better. To help them, there have been many third party apps that majorly help them with champion builds, matchups and also their opponent’s play pattern. These can come in handy and Overwolf League of Legends is an app that compiles them all together.

If you have never heard about Overwolf, you might be wondering what is it exactly? Overwolf is a platform that lets players share and monetize in-game apps. It is the engine responsible for the operation of all the apps seamlessly at once, without the need to download all the apps separately and start them.

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What makes Overwolf League of Legends unique?

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Overwolf League of Legends has some great additions in its store. With the game becoming more and more competitive as seasons go by, players are always looking for an edge over their opponents. Several third-party apps are providing players with the option to look up important data in order to make the game simpler for beginners and even for veteran players.

These apps help the players get champion builds that are currently meta, best champions in lanes, strategies to counter opponents, and much more. There are a variety of apps to choose from, and the Overwolf overlay ensures that this information gets to you without any lag in your gaming experience.

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Some Great Apps on Overwolf

Overwolf OP.GG
Overwolf x OP.GG (image via. Overwolf)

Some of the best Overlay apps are:

  • Mobalytics: Players can use this to search for builds, profiles, and much more to make your games easier.
  • Facecheck: This acts like your personal League of Legends assistant and helps in importing builds, Rune pages, and track metrics.
  • LoLwiz: This app gives you information like in-game summoner stats, opponent and ally rankings, performance, and their overall gameplay pattern.
  • OP.GG: This app helps the players look up League players from all over the world, their ranks, Wins and Losses, champion pool, and also setting runes, knowing meta champs and more.

For those who are wondering if this app is legal or not, rest assured, the app is completely legal and will not cause you any problems. The same goes for any apps that are on Overwolf, as they are closely monitored and only valid apps can make it to Overwolf.

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Overwolf is also very optimized, and doesn’t affect you gaming. Apps running through Overwolf are also optimized keeping in mind the needs of gamers, So you need not worry about any lag spikes or FPS lags while gaming and running the overlay.

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