Where to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.17?

if you are looking for where are diamonds in Minecraft, then this is for you.

diamonds in minecraft
Diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft are an important item because you can craft useful things with them. They also make one of the strongest armor in the game. One can also enter the Nether with them as you will need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine Obsidian for the Nether Portal. However, it is very hard to find Diamonds in Minecraft. And for someone who just started playing the game, where to find diamonds in Minecraft will be their prime concern.

So, today we are about to discuss some of the proven ways of where to Find Diamonds in Minecraft. And If you follow our tips correctly then not only you can find diamonds but can get them fast. So fast that you can get almost 800 Diamonds in just 1 hour.

1. Mining for Diamonds in Minecraft Caves:

One of the most used and traditional methods is to go caving. As we all know that the diamonds spawn from Y= 13 to Y=5.ย So the most convenient method is to explore the caves. However, this method only works 30% of the total time. So good luck with that.

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2. Strip Mining And Dive Mining:

Another way of where to find diamonds in Minecraft is to do strip mining. Strip mining is the most used method to find diamonds. For this method, you just have to go on Y=11 level and then mine straight or in whatever pattern you like. After some time, you will find diamonds. However, this method is useful only when you have an iron or diamond pickaxe with Efficiency Enchantment on it. Otherwise, use the Dive Mining method.

In this method, you just place a trapdoor over the wall and then go near it. When you will click on the trapdoor, the door will automatically get you in a crawling position. Now you can just dig straight forward. (Adderall) Just look out of lava pools though.


3. Exploring For Diamonds in Minecraft:

If, the above methods don’t seem to be working for you or you don’t want to spend the time mining then exploring is the best method for you. Just head out in a direction you like and look for Diamonds in Minecraft. You can find them in:-

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All these are the locations where you can find Diamonds in Minecraft. But, the difficult part is to find them and get them. Because they are usually are hard to get. However, if you want to find diamonds early in the game, then this is the method you should try.

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4. Trading for Diamonds in Minecraft:

All the above methods require a lot of exploring. And if you are not ready to go on an exploring trip then this method is just for you. Just follow these simple steps:-

  1. Grab an iron axe.
  2. Chop trees for some time.
  3. Once you have 10 stacks of wood, get a load of flint.
  4. Also, grab 5 pieces of iron.
  5. Make a bunch of Fletching tables,ย aย Blast Furnace, and then track down a village.
  6. Now just trade with the villages by making them fletchers and sell sticks to them.
  7. Once you have done that, place down the blast furnace.
  8. Make the armorer a Master.
  9. And now you have a village that sells you Full Diamond Armor.
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This is the most convenient way of where to find diamonds in Minecraft. It doesn’t require hard work and time. But you just need to have patience.

5. Finding Diamonds via Lapiz Lazuli:

this is one trick to find diamonds in Minecraft. Once you find lapiz in Minecraft that means you know where to find diamonds in Minecraft. Just go to -4 Z-axis Blocks from the lapiz block and dig straight down. You will find diamonds there. This trick works 9/10 times. The one time it can be overrun by lava.

6. Diamonds from Clay and Gravel patches:

This is the last trick to know where diamonds are in Minecraft. Just try to find clay or gravel patches in rivers and swamp biomes. Then just go near any patch and move to +2 Z-axis Blocks from the patch. Now dig straight down. You will find diamonds there.

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