Bastion Remnant in Minecraft 1.17

Know all the details about the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft when you go in the Nether and encounter one.

bastion remnant in minecraft

Bastion Remnant in Minecraft is one of the natural spawning structures. It is basically a large Castle which is in the Nether. It is usually found in every biome. However, it doesn’t spawn in the Basalt-Deltas. It contains many rooms and those rooms are filled with awesome loot. We will discuss all this:-

1. Bastion Remnant Spawn:

As discussed earlier, the Bastion Remnant is a Giant Castle which is in The Nether. It is found in every Biome but you can not find it in the Basalt-Deltas. Because of the uneven plain and large Basalt towers, The castle cannot spawn there. Even if you try to spawn it using Cheats.

2. Structure Representation:

The Bastion Remnant is divided into four types. And based on these four types, its generation is specified. Those four structures that divide the Bastion Remnant are:-

  1. Bridges- The Bridges are large ruined structures that have a piglin face carved into them. When you enter the mouth, you come across many rooms that are filled with chests and lava surrounding them.
  2. Hoglin Stables- These Hoglin Stables are in the Lower parts of the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. They are also ruined and have Hoglind running through them. Moreover, they contain Hoglin Stable Chests.
  3. Housing Units- These are the units that you see when you enter through the bridge. They are broken structures connected via stairs that lead to the terrace. Sometimes they have Nether Warts Growing from their floors. They usually contain loot chests.
  4. Treasure Rooms- The Treasure room is the only reason for the players to enter the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. The Treasure room is a platform in a large pit that is covered with lava. It has multiple bridges suspended over it. At the bottom, it has treasure chests and Gold Blocks. It also has a Magmacube Spawner, there.

3. Mobs in Bastion Remnant in Minecraft:

The Bastion Remnant is filled with hostile mobs that have only two purposes. One is to protect the Treasure, and the other is to kill whoever tries to steal it. And in this case, it’s unfortunately you. The Mobs that are present there are unlike the mobs that are in the overworld. The Mobs in the overworld despawn after some time. But they do not. Mobs that are in the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft are-

  • Piglin Brutes: These Brutes appear just like normal piglins. But they wear brown clothes like a Greek Gladiator. They wield a Golden axe and are capable of killing you with two strikes of their axes. But you think that they will say nothing to you if you will wear golden armour, but that is your mistake. They don’t care that you wear golden armour or not. They will kill. But they are less in numbers in the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft.
  • Piglins- They are the nicest mobs in the Nether unless you evoke them. Just don’t try to steal any gold and chests in front of them. And make sure to wear Golden Armour or a piece of that Armour.
  • Hoglins- These pigs are the worst. As they appear from nowhere and attack you with all the force they got. But they are also beneficial to you in a way. If you are low on food then you can kill Hoglins because they drop pork chops.
  • Magma cubes- Magma cubes are not on the upper area where these all mobs are in the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. These are in the treasure room. There is usually a spawner of them there. When you kill these magma cubes they drop magma cream. Then you can make fire resistance portions with these magma creams.

4. Loot in Bastion Remnant in Minecraft:

bastion remnant in minecraft

The castle is filled with a lot of OP loot. It contains some rare and some common loot all along. You can easily become filthy rich by just looting one Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. The loot here is-

  1. Gold Blocks– There are gold blocks on the bridge. More gold blocks can be found in the Treasure room.
  2. Treasure Chests- The treasure chests contain many OP items. You can find Diamonds, Iron and Gold Ingots, Saddles, arrows, crying obsidian, Crossbows, Enchanted Armour and Weapons etc. You can also find rare items such as Nether scraps, Nether Ingots, Pigstep Music Disc(only found here), Diamond tools.

5. Advancements:

You can complete a couple of advancements by going to the Bastion Remnant in Minecraft. Thos are-

  • War Pigs- You can complete this advancement in the Bastion Remnant. All you have to do is to open an unopened chest that is naturally spawned there.
  • Those Were The Days- This is the advancement that you can complete when you enter a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft.

So here are all the details of the Bastion Remnant. Next time when you enter the Nether and decides to hunt for the Bastion Remnant, keep these tips in your mind.

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